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phleb exam 8-9

questions and answers

When properly anchoring a vein the: thumb is 1 to 2 inches below the intended site and is pulling the skin toward the wrist.
Misidentifying a patient can lead to all of the follwoing EXCEPT: no reprimand if no one was hurt
Symptoms of a needle phobia include all of the following EXCEPT: muscle cramps
In most cases, needle insertion should be performed: using a smooth, steady motion forward
Examples of timed tests are all of the following EXCEPT: are: blood cultures, cardiac enzymes, lithium levels. are not timed: basic metabolic panel
A test is ordered "fasting" to: eliminate the effects of diet on a test result
If diet resttrictions have not been met before collecting a specimen, the results could lead to any of the following accept: grounds for the phlebotomists dismissal
A healthcare facility ID barcode can represent any of the following EXCEPT: credit information
Steps taken to unmistakably connect a specimen and the accompanying paperwork to a specific individual are called: accessioning the specimen
Which of the following is an example of a common timed test? cortisol
Which liquid is acceptable to drink when fasting? plain water
You arrive to draw a specimen on an inpatient. The patient's door is closed, what do you do? knock lightly open the door slowly, and verify that it is all right to enter.
There is a sign above the patient's bed that reads, "No blood pressures or venpuncture, right arm,". The patient has an intravenous line in the left forearm. You have a request to collect a complete blood count on the patient. How should you proceed? Collect the specimen from the left hand by finger puncture.
Which of the following tests is used to identify protein disorders that lead to nerve damage? SPEP
What do you do if a physician is with the patient and the specimen is ordered STAT? Introduce yourself and ask for permission to draw the specimen.
What is the most critical error a phlebotomist can make? misidentify the patient's specimen
Which of the following is part of informed consent for specimen collection? informing the patient that you are a student
The patient asks if the test you are about to draw is for diabetes. How do you answer? Explain that it is best to discuss the test with the physician.
You arrive to draw a fasting specimen. The patient is just finishing breakfast. What do you do? Do not fraw the blood; fill out an incident slip, and leave a copy for the nurse.
Proper hand washing involves all of the following EXCEPT: using a hand sanitizer just before the hands are dried.
If the patient ask you if the procedure will hurt, you should say that it: might hurt just a little but only for a short time.
Outpatients who have previously fainted during a blood draw should be: asked to lie down, or sit in a reclining drawing chair.
If the tourniquet is too tight all of the following happens EXCEPT: venous flow increases and the veins expand
All of the following may be used to enhance the vein selection process EXCEPT: Have the patient pump his or her fist.
when selecting a veinpuncture site, how can you tell a vein from an artery? an artery has a distinct pulse.
What does a sclerosed vein feel like? has and cordlike
What is the best thing to do if the vein can be felt but not seen, even with the tourniquet on? look for visual clues on the skin to reind you where the vein is.
All of the following are reasons to wait 30 seconds for the alcohol to dry before needle insertion EXCEPT: give the phlebotomist time to prepare equipment and supplies
What happens if you advance the tube past the guideline on the holder before needle insertion? The ETS tube will fail to fill with blood because the loss of the tube vacuum.
It is imporatant for the phlebotomist to visually inspect the needle tip before inserting it in a patient's vein for all of the following reasons EXCEPT to check: to verify the needle is not out of date
Which of the foloowing steps are in the right order for venipuncture procedure? clean the site, prepare equipment, put on gloves, apply tourniquet.
You are about to draw blood from a patient. You touch the needle to the skin , but change your mindand pull the needle away. What do you do next? Stop and obtain a new needle before trying again.
HOw can you tell when the needle is in the vein as you insert it into the patient's arm? You will feel a slight "give"
Prolonged tourniquet application or vigorous fist pumping can elavate all of these analytes EXCEPT: Draw a "clear" tube before special coagulation tests.
It is important to mix anticoagulant tubes immediately after filling them to: avoid microclot formation
you are in the middle of drawing a blood specimen using an evacuated tube method when you realize that you just filled an EDTA tube and still have a green top to collect. What do you do? Draw several milliliters into a discard tube; then fill the green one.
What may happen if you mix tubes to vigorously? hemolysis
Applying pressure on a gauze as the needle is being removed can cause all of the following EXCEPT: bending of the needle bevel
A safety needle feature, other than a blunting needle, should be activated: immediately after the needle is withdrawn.
Labeling of routine inpatient blood specimens should take place: at the bedside immediately after collection
Where is the tourniquet applied when drawing from a hand vein? Proximal to the wrist bone.
Although the evacuated tube system is the preferred method of blood collection, it may be neccessary to use a syringe when: The patient veins are very fragile.
Hemolysis of the specimen can result from all of the following EXCEPT: Leaving the tourniquet tied on the arm to long
HOw can you tell you are in a vein when using a syringe? A flash of blood will appear in the hub of the needle.
A diabetic outpatient has had a mastectomy on her right side and cannot straighten her left arm due to her arthritis. The best place to collect a blood specimen is: the left forearm or hand using a butterfly needle
Most reference ranges are normal laboratory test values for: healthy people
A patient's arm is swollen. The term used to describe this condition is: edematous
A patient with a high degree of jaundice typically has: yellow skin and sclera
Lymphostasis is: obstruction of the flow of lymph
Inwhich instance is the patient closest to basal state? the patient who: is awakened for a blood draw at 0600 hours after fasting since 0800 hours last night.
The best specimens to you for establishing inpatient reference ranges for blood tests are: basal state specimens
which of the following tests is most affected by altitude RBC count
A 12 hour fast is normally required when testing for this analyte. triglycerides
All of the following are effected by the presence of fever EXCEPT: melatonin
Of the following factors known to affect basal state, which is automatically accounted for when reference ranges are established? geographical locale
Why do pregnant patients have lower reference ranges for RBC counts? Increased body fluids result in dilution of the RBC's.
If you have no choice but to collect a specimen from an arm with hematoma, collect the specimen: distal from the hematoma
Central venous catheters (CVCs)include all of the following EXCEPT: Hep-lok
If an outpatient tells you before a blood draw that she is feeling nauseated, you should do all of the following EXCEPT: draw the specimen, and watch her closely
all of the following would be reasons to eliminate a potential venipuncture site EXCEPT: petechiae appear below the the tourniquet
Which of the following is the best indication that you have accidentally punctured an artery? blood pulses into the tube
A stinging sensation when the needle is first inserted is most likely the result of: not allowing the alcohol to dry thoroughly
Which of the following is least likely to impair vein patency? leaving a tourniquet on for too long
Prolonged tourniquet application can affect blood composition because it causes: hemoconcentration
A phlebotomist has tried twice to collect a light blue top tube on a patient with difficult veins. both times the phlebotomist has only been able to collect a patital tube. what should the phlebotomist do? Have someone else collect the specimen.
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