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phleb ddimer-lot

D-dimer Product of fibrinolysis
Debilitated Weak
Desiccant Substance that absorbs moisture
Diaphoretic Perspiring
Diaphragm Muscle that sepatates the thoracic and abdominal cavities
Diarthrosis Freely movable joint
Diastole Relaxation phase of the heartbeat
Diencephalon Second portion of the brain (contains the thalamus and hypothalamus
Disinfectant Substance that destroys microorganisms (usually used on surfaces rather than on skin)
Distal convoluted tubule Part of the renal tubule between the loop of Henle and the collecting duct
Dorsal Pertaining to the back of the body
Duodenum First part of the small intestine
Dura mater Outermost layer of the meninges
Edema Accumulation of fluid in the tissues
Emesis Vomit
Endocardium Inner lining of the heart
Endoscopy Examination of a body canal,such as the intestions or esophagus
Enema Introduction of a substance into the rectum.
Enteric pertaining to the intestinal tract
Ebtrainment The act of drawing along
Epicardium Outer layer of the heart
Epididymides Colied oragns of the testes where the sperm mature
Epiglottis Leaf-shaped catilage that covers the larynx during swallowing
Epinephrine (adrenaline) hormone produced by the adrenal medualla to increase heart rate and blood pressure
Erythroprotein hormone produced by the kidney to increase red blood cell production
Estrogen Female hormone produced by the adrenal cortex and the ovaries to maintain secondary sex characteristics
Exophthalmus Abnormal protrusion of the eyeball
Expiratory reserve volume maximum amount of gas exhaled following a normal breath
Fallopian tubes tubes connecting the ovaries and the uterus
Febrile Pertaining to fever
Femur Long bone of the upper leg
Fertilization Union of the sperm and ovum
Fibrin Protein substance produced in the coagulation process to form the foundation of a clot
Fibrinogen Circulating protein converted to fibrin in the coagulation process (present in plasma but not in serum)
Fibrinolysis breakdown of a fibrin clot
Fibula Long bone of the lower leg
Fixed performance system Oxygen delivery system that provides a constant and consistant FiO2 regardless of the patient's respiratory pattern
Flowmeter device used to measure and deliver a certain amount of gas over a period of time.
Fluoroscopy Examination of body structures by projecting x-ray shadows on a fluoroscopic screen.
Foley catheter Retention catheter held in place by inflation of a balloon
Follicle-stimualting hormone hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland to stimulate estrogen secretion and egg production by the ovaries and sperm production by the testes
Folwer's position The head of the bed is elavated to 90 degrees
functional residual capacity Amount of gas left in the lungs after normal exhalation
Gastrin Hormone secreted by the gastric mucosa to stimulate gastric acid secretion
Gauge unit of measure assigned to the diameter of the needle bore
Genitalia reproductive organs
Geriatric pertaining to old age
Glomerulus Collection of capillaries enclosed by the Bowman's capsule where filtration occurs
Glucagon Hormone produced by the pancreas to stimulate conversion of glycogen to glucose
Glucosuria glucose in the urine
Grid Thin, wafer-like barrier placed between the patient and the radiographic cassette to absorb scattered radiation
Growth hormone Hormone produced by by the anterior pituitary gland to stimulate growth of the bones and tissues
Hemodialysis Technique used to remove waste products from the blood when the kidneys are not functioning
Hemoglobinometer Instrument that measures the concentration of hemoglobin in a solution
Hemolysis Destruction of red blood cells
Hemolytic disease of the newborn Blood group or type incompatibility between mother and the fetus that can cause hemolysis of the fetus's red blood cells
Heparin anitcoagulant monitored by the activated partial thromboplastin time
Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy to stimulate the ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone
Humerus long bone of the upper arm
Hypoglycemia decreased blood glucose
Hypothalamus Part of the brain that regulates body temperature and the secretions of the pituitary gland
Hypothyroidism reduced thyroid function
Hypoventilation Below normal level of ventilation that increases the partial pressure of carbon dioxide
Hypoexemia less than normal partial pressure of oxygen in the arterial blood
Heum last part of the small intestines
Immune resistant to certain diseases
Infection Multiplication of microorganisms in the body tissue
Inferior Pertaining to a position below another structure
Inspiratory reserve volume the amount of gas that can be inhaled above that of a normal inhalation
Insulin Hormone produced by the pancreas to promote the utilization of glucose by the body
Intesifying screens internal sides of a radiographic film cassette
Intercostal Between the ribs
Interneuron nerve cell entirely within the central nervous system
Internodal pathways Area of the heart that conducts impulses from the SA node to the AV node
Interstitial fluid Fluid located in the spaces betweenn the cells
Ischemia Deficientcy of blood to a body area
Jaundice Yellow appearance
Jejunum Second part of the small intestines
Kilovoltage Electric potential of one thousad volts
Labia Outer folds of the vagina
Larynx Organ between the pharynx and the trachea containing the vocal cords
Left anterior descending artery Branch of the left coronary artery that supplies the anterior of the heart
Left bundle branch Division of the bundle of His transmitting impulses to the Purkinje system
Licensure authorization by an agency to practice a profession
Lipase Pancreatic enzyme to digest fats
Loop of Henle Part of the renal tubule between the proximal convoluted tubule and the distal convoluted tubule
Lot group of products manufactured at the same time under the same conditions
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