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German Reformation

Important terms, concepts, and personalities of the German reformation.

Reformator Germaniae "Reformer of Germany" Nickname for Martin Luther
Praeceptor Germaniae "Teacher of Germany" Honorary title of Philip Melanchthon
Erfurt University town where Luther studied Law and the location of the Augustinian monastery he later joins
Eisleben Where Luther was born
Lightening "Escape" July 2, 1505 Luther is knocked down by a bolt of lightening which scares him into devoting his life to God
Hermits of St. Augustine Name of the order of Augustinian monks that Luther joins in Erfurt
John von Staupitz Prior of the Augustinian monastery at Erfurt and Professor of Scripture at the University Wittenberg
Frederick the Wise Elector of Saxony who founded the University of Wittenberg
Tower Experience Pivotal event in Luther's life. While reading Romans 1:17 in his tower office Luther discovers what he calls "legal fiction"
Legal Fiction Luther's concept, derived from Romans, that while a person is in reality a sinner, according to the books (God's account) he's clean
Schlosskirche Church where Luther posted the 95 theses
John Tetzel Dominican preacher who sold indulgences outside of Wittenberg known for the line: "As soon as the coin in the coffer rings/ the soul from purgatory springs"
J├╝terbog Town about 18 miles from Wittenberg where John Tetzel sold indulgences
Pope Leo X Issued a Papal Bull (Exsurge Domine) against 41 of Luther's teachings and eventually excommunicates him altogether
St. Peter's Renovation Very expensive rebuilding of the basilica, begun by Pope Julius II in 1506 and payed for largely by indulgences
Address to the German Nobility One of three treatises written by Luther; In three parts: (1) Exclusion of the layity, (2) Exclusive claim to interpret scripture, and (3) Exclusive right to call council
Babylonian Captivity One of three treatises written by Luther; Attacks the seven sacraments, especially the Eucharist
On the Freedom of a Christian Gentleman
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