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Nonblood Specimens

Nonblood Specimens and Test

amniotic fluid fluid from with in the sac that surrounds a fetus
antibiotic susceptibility test performed to determine which antibiotics are effective against a particular microorganism
body fluids liquid substances found in the body
catheterized describes a urine specimen collected from a sterile catheter inserted through the urethra into the urinary bladder
CSF clear, colorless liquid circulating within the cavities surrounding the brain and spinal cord
clean-catch method of obtaining a urine sample free of contaminates from the external genital area
C & S process used to grow and identify microorganisms and also identify effective antibiotics to use against them
midstream collection specimen obtained in the middle of urination rather than the beginning or end
NP originating fromt he nasopharynx as in a sample collected using a special flexible swab inserted gently through the nose into the nasopharynx
occult blood hidden blood such as detected in stool specimens using the guaiac test
O & P intestinal parasites and their eggs (ova)
semen analysis laboratory test to assess fertility and determine effectiveness of sterilization after vasectomy
suprapubic collection of a urine specimen by inserting a needle into the urinary bladder
sweat chloride test used to diagnose cystic fibrosis primarily in children and adolescents younger than 20 years of age
UA laboratory test that includes a physical, chemical, and microscopic analysis of a urine specimen
UTI urinary tract infection
what special information is required when labeling a nonblood specimen? type and source of specimen
which type of specimen must be handled and analyzed STAT? cerebrospinal fluid
the most frequently analyzed nonblood specimen is? urine
what can happen to urine components if not processed in a timely fashion? bilirubin breaks down, cellular elements decompose, and bacteria multiply
which specimen is PERFERRED for most urine test? first morning
routine urinalysis specimens that cannot be analyzed within 2 hours require? refrigeration
a routine urinalysis typically includes chemical analysis, microscopic analysis, and physical analysis
the most likely reason a culture and sensitivity is ordered is to? diagnose urinary tract infection
urine cytology studies look for the presence of? abnormal cells, crystals, and microorganisms
urine drug screening can be performed detect illigal drug use (prescription drug abuse is a blood test)
suspected pregnancy can be confirmed by testing for the presence of this hormone in urine human chorionic gonadotropin
which specimen is TYPICALLY used for routine urinalysis? random
which urine specimen is the most concentrated? first morning
this test sometimes requires serial urine specimens collected at specific times glucose tolerance test
what is the recommended procedure for collecting 24 hours urine specimen void the first morning specimen into the toilet; start the timing; collect all the following specimens including the next morning's specimen
urine creatinine clearance specimen require what? refrigeration is perferred, a 24 hour specimen is required, and a blood creatinine is also required
this type of specimen is sometimes used to compare urine concentrations of glucose and ketones to blood concentrations. fractional (double void)
which urine test requires a midstream clean-catch specimen? culture and sensitivity
explain how proper midstream urine is collected void initial urine into the toilet; interrupt the urine flow momentarily; restart urine flow and collect a suffincient amount of urine into a container; void excess urine flow into the toilet
midstream clean-catch urine specimens require? cleaning of the genital area before spcimen collection, collection in a sterile container, and prompt processing
which urine specimen is obtained by inserting a sterile needle directly into the urinary bladder and aspirating a sample of urine? suprapubic
which test is sometimes performed on amniotic fluid? alph-fetoprotein
amniotic fluid comes from the sac surrounding a fetus in the uterus
spinal fluid analysis is used in the diagnosis of meningitis
test commonly performed on spinal fluid include? cell counts, glucose, and protein
this test requires intervenous administration of histamine or pentagastrin gastric analysis
a nasopharyngeal culture swab is sometimes collected to detect the presence of organisms that cause? whooping cough
saliva can be tested to detect alcohol abuse, detect recent drug use, and monitor hormone levels
one reason semen analysis is performed is to? assess fertility
how are semen samples acceptable? delivered in a sterile container, kept at 37 degree C, and obtained on site (never collected in a condom)
what fluids are obtained through lumbar puncture? spinal
serous fluid includes? pericardial fluid, peritoneal fluid, and pleural fluid
peritoneal fluid commes from the abdominal cavity
fluid from joint cavities is called synovial fluid
pleural fluid is aspirated from the lungs
accumulation of excess fluid in the peritoneal cavity is called ascites
what is sputum phlegm
sputum is collected in the diagnosis and monitoring of? tuberculosis
what test is used to diagnose cystic fibrosis? sweat chloride
synovial fluid is typically collected in an EDTA or heparin tube
synovial fluid can be tested to identify arthritis, gout, and inflammation
a process called iontophoresis is used to collect? sweat
bone marrow is typically aspirated from the iliac crest
bone marrow is studied to identify blood disorders
a breath specimen can be used to detect helicobacter pylori
what test may require a 24 hour stool specimen urobilinogen (colourless product of bilirubin reduction. It is formed in the intestines by bacterial action)
what refrigerated stool specimen would be acceptable? occult blood
the guaiac test detects occult blood
which type of sample can be tested to detect chronic drug abuse? hair
what type of specimen is required for a "rapid strep" test throat sample
what type of specimen is required for a biopsy? tissue
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