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Ancient Greeks..Ch.8

Mrs. Ryan voc. for Ch. 8 SS

dominant more powerful
decimal system a counting system based on the number 10
epic a long story-poem
agora an open-air market and gathering place in many ancient Greek city-states
aristocracy a wealthy ruling class
policy a plan of action
mythology a collection of traditional stories handed down from generation to generation
strategic of great importance
acropolis a fort built on a hill
oligarchy a system in which a small group controls the government
democracy a governing system where the people elect their leaders and rule by majority
barbarian a name given to outsiders by the ancient Greeks
league a group of allies
tragedy a serious play with an unhappy ending
plague a deadly sickness or disease
academy a school offering instruction in a special field
expedition a journey or exploration
scholar a person seeking knowledge
patron a wealthy person who supported the arts
comedy a play designed to make people laugh
demagogue a bad leader
diffuse to spread or scatter widely
legacy anything handed down from an ancestor
Created by: jryan