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Terms & Definitions

antibiotic inhibits the growth of other microorganisims
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
paresthesia abnormal sensation
hypercholesterolemia large amounts of cholesterol in the blood
tachycardia rapid beating of the heart
alopecia complete or partial loss of hair
cholelithiasis gallstones
dyssomnia disturbance of normal sleep
fibromyalgia lack of stage W sleep and widespread aching and stiffness of muscles and soft tissues
osteoporosis reduction in the quantity of bone
apnea absence of spontaneous breathing
cephalalgia headache
erythrocythemia increase in the number of RBCs
hyperkinesia excessive motility/muscular activity
postprandial following a meal
blepharitis inflammation of the eyelid
esophagitis inflammation of the esophagus
leukopenia low amount of leukocytes in the blood
neuralgia pain in the course or distribution of nerve
teratogenic causing congential abnormalities or birth defects
thrombophlebitis venous inflammation with thrombus formation
dysmenorrhea difficult and painful menstruation
hematuria urine containing RBCs or blood
hypokalemia low concentration of potassium ions in blood
melanoma malignant neoplasm, derived from melanocytes
thrombocytopenia decreased number of platelets in blood
lymphadenopathy disease affecting lymph nodes
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