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chapter 7


phagocyte cells that engulf and destryos or digest bacteria
Angi/o Vessel
Hemostasis The stopping or controlling of blood
Agglutin/o to clump
Thromb/o clot;thrombus
Globin Protein
Bas/o Base
Lysis Destruction;breakdown
Blast/o immature cell
Eosin/o Red; Rosey
Erythr/o Red
Granul/o Granuels; grain
Philia Attraction
Thym/o Thymus
Myel/o Spinal cord;bone marrow
lymphangi/o lymph vessel
immun/o protection
stasis stopping or controlling
aggulation clumping together of cells
oid Resembling; like
osis condition
is/o equal
Kary/o nucleous
penia deficiency
ather/o Fat; Fatty plaque
Poikil/o varied; irregular
Spher/o sphere; round
inter between
lymphaden/o lymph glands
Macro large
Pathogen any substances that cause disease
morph/o shape; form
mono one
Pan all
splen/o spleen
emia blood condition
coagul/o clotting
coagulation process of blood clotting
corpuscle any blood cell red or white
embolism obstruction of blood vessels
Anemia deficiency in quantity and or quality of blood
embolus circulating blood clott
Hemorrhage Excessive loss of blood
Leukemia abnormal increase in # of immature blood wbc caused by a malignancy
lymphadenitis inflammation of lymph gland
lymphadenopathy disease of lymph gland
lymphoma tumore of lymph tissue
mononucleosis increase in the # of monocyte
polycytethemia increase # of RBC
spherocytosis abnormal condition of round or shperical shaped RBC
Thrombus blood clott
Diff WBC differential
ESR Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Hct Hematocrit
Hgb hemoglobin
dyscrasia any abnormal condition of the blood
thrombosis blood clotting withing a blood vessel
rouleaux the abnormal stacking of rbc
erythrocytopenia decreased # in the amount of RBC
poiesis formation or production of
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