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Acts Test 2

Acts 5-11: K Bro

Who are the two Chrisitans who lied about how much they sold their land for? Ananias and Sapphira
These Christians, Ananias and Sapphira, did not have to sell their land? True
These Christians, Ananias and Sapphira, had to give all the price of the land to the apostles? False
Who did Peter say they were lying to? The Holy Spirit
What happened to these two deceitful Christians? God struck them dead.
What impact did the death of these two Christians have on the church? Great fear came upon the church
Who did the religious leaders put in jail in Acts 5? The apostles
Who helped them escape? An angel
Hebrews 1:14 says, "the angels are ministering spirits who serve the saints." True
What Jewish Rabbi cautions the religious leaders against killing the apostles? Gamaliel
What 3 things were the apostles told to do when they were released from prison? Go, stand, speak
The apostles waited until afternoon of the next day to start preaching in the temple. False (started at daybreak)
When ordered to stop preaching about Jesus, the apostles said they must obey God rather than man. True.
Why were the Greek speaking Jewish Christians upset? Their widows were being neglected.
What did the apostles say they had to devote their attention to? Prayer and ministry of the Word
What did the apostles tell the people to do to address the problem? Appoint 7 men to oversee the work
The seven men who were chosen did not have Greek names. False
One of the seven men chose to feed the widows was arrested. What was his name? Stephen
When he was on trial, he was said to have the face of an _______? angel
What did the brother on trial say the fathers of the religious leaders had done? Persecute the prophets
What did he say the religious leaders had done? They did not keep the law.
What did he see when he looked into Heaven? Jesus standing at God's right hand.
Jesus is regularly shown in the New Testament to be standing at God's right hand. False. (seated)
What did the religious leaders do to him? They stoned him.
He refused to forgive them as he was dying? False.
Who did the people stoning Stephen lay their garments at the feet of? Saul.
What did Saul become a leader of? Persecution against the church
What were the two problems in the church in Jerusalem in Acts 8? Persecution and the Gospel was not spreading.
Where did the Christians go as a result of the persecution? Judea and Samaria.
What did they do when they got to these places? Preached the Word
The growth of persecution: (A summary) 1. They killed Jesus 2. They imprisoned Peter and John 3. They imprisoned and beat all the apostles. 4. They killed Stephen. 5. They began to persecute the membership
You cannot chain Christianity if you have Christians willing to be chained for Christianity! True
Which of the 7 men chosen in Acts 6 to care for the widows went to preach in Samaria? Phillip
What is the name of the man who tricked the people of Samaria with magic? Simon
What did the people of Samaria do when they believed the preaching of Phillip? They were baptized.
Who did the apostles in Jerusalem send to help the new Christians in Samaria? Peter and John
What did Peter and John do to pass on the Spirit to these new Christians? They laid hands on them.
What did Simon try to buy? The Holy Spirit
Who told Philip to go to the Eunuch and talk to him? Holy Spirit
How far was it from Jerusalem to Ethiopia? 750-1,000 miles
What road was the Eunuch on leaving Jerusalem? The road to Gaza
What book in the Bible was the Eunuch reading while riding in the chariot? Isaiah
What did Philip preach to the Eunuch starting with the book of Isaiah? Jesus
What did Philip want to do when he saw water? Be baptized
What did the Eunuch go on his way doing? rejoicing
Saul had letters permitting him to arrest Christians in which city? Damascus
Did Saul see Jesus as the savior or as a sinner? a sinner
What did Saul see as he approached Damascus? a light
What question did Jesus ask Saul? Why are you persecuting me?
What happened to Saul after he spoke to Jesus? He was blind.
What did Saul's blindness teach him? humility
How many days was Saul blind and without food and water? 3 days
Who was sent to talk to Saul in Damascus? Ananias.
Was this man, Ananias, anxious to help Saul? No
Jesus told Ananias that Saul was a chosen ___________. instrument
What fell from Saul's eyes before he regained his sight? something like scales
What did Saul do after he regained his sight? He was baptized.
What woman did at Joppa who helped the widows? Dorcas, Tabitha.
What does her (Dorcas) name mean? gazelle
Who did the brethren send for at Lydda when she died? Peter
Where did they lay her body? in an upper room
What did the widows show Peter? garments and tunics
What did Peter do when he saw the woman who had died? He sent everyone out and raised her up.
Caesarea was the Roman capital of Judea in the first century. True.
What was Cornelius' position in the Roman military? centurion
He (Cornelius) was a God fearing man who gave alms to the Jewish people and prayed. True.
Who appeared to him (Cornelius) in a vision? an angel
He (Cornelius) was to send a man named Peter in what city? Joppa
What happened to Peter at about noon on the day the messengers from Cornelius arrived? He had a vision while praying.
What did he see? A sheet filled with animals
What did God want him (Peter) to learn? Don't call anything unclean that God has made clean.
What did Peter find at Cornelius' house? He had gathered relatives and friends.
Did Peter allow Cornelius to worship him? No.
Peter told Cornelius that Jesus was a man who went about doing what? Good.
What did Peter say that those who believed in Jesus would receive? Forgiveness
What happened while Peter was preaching? The audience received the Spirit.
What did Peter command Cornelius and the crowd to do? Be baptized.
Is it normal in the book of Acts for the Spirit to come before baptism? No.
Why might God have done this? To get Jewish Christians to accept Gentile Christians.
The Jewish Christians in Jerusalem were very excited to hear about Cornelius becoming a Christian. False
How many brethren from Joppa witnessed the events in Caesarea? Six
Cornelius was a devout man but was he saved before Peter preached to him? No
How did the Jewish Christians respond when they heard how the Holy Spirit fell upon Cornelius and his family? They glorified God.
What are three things we learn about God's plan of salvation from this story? Believe, repent, and be baptized.
Calling of the Witnesses Acts 1:1-8
Witnessing in Jerusalem Acts 1:9-7:60
Preparing to Witness Acts 1:9-26
The Witnessing Begins Acts 2:1-47
The Witness of Peter and John Acts 3:1-5:42
The Witness of Stephen Acts 6:1-7:60
Witnessing in Judea/Samaria Acts 8:1-12:25
Witnessing in the Remotest Part of the Earth Acts 13:1-28:31
Created by: jessica.steele



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