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Christian Woman

Wives, Mothers, Mothers-In-Law, Widows

serving love Goes on even when there is no response. Unconditional Full of grace Agape
friendship love Love between friends Love to reach out to someone at a distance Philia
passionate love Passion, longing, craving between a man and a woman Endorsed within the covenant of marriage. Needs agape and philia with it. Eros
kinship love Tenderness one has for members of her family Racham
courting love Makes us feel wanted Normal word for the love in marriage Hebrew word for “love in marriage” Make you feel special Ahaba
Covenant love Love par excellence Keeps the covenant made between partners Love + loyalty. Hesed
Good self image Submissive Personal relationship with God. Affectionate Loyal Right priorities Meet physical needs. Zest for living Unselfish Homemaker Good attitude Not materialistic Sense of humor Outside interest. Joy Qualities of a Christian Wife
Greet your husband with a smile. Learn to live within his income. Have the kind of joy that makes the home a place to which he will be glad to come. “No other quality can do so much to ensure a happy marriage as a happy disposition.” –Schlafly Joy
Courtesy Council Consideration Commitment Compromise Communication Christ Courage Compassion Constant Confidence Courtship Caring Comfort Closeness Cs of Marriage (Meet His Physical Needs)
Prompted by the man’s love. A voluntary response "fitting in the Lord” 1 Cor. 11:3 neither the husband’s license for demanding orders, nor is it relegating the wife to a position of servitude that is humiliating and demeaning. Submissive
Was submissive Was not a doormat Genesis 12-f Sarah
o Genesis 6-8 o She stood by him for 120 years while he built the ark and preached. o Only the family was saved. Mrs. Noah
o Acts 5 o Warning to women about the love of money o “conspired” o sin of deception/lying to the Holy Spirit Sapphira
o Judges 16 o Samson was physically strong but morally weak o She deceived him o Betrayed him for money Delilah
o Lost everything o Spoke foolishly o “Curse God and die.” Job 2:9 o Satan’s helper Job's wife
• Love • Acceptance • Security • Protection • Independence • Faith • Guidance • Control Every Child Needs
• Respect others • Kindness to others • Cooperation • Promptness • Dependability Good Citizenship Begins at home
• Commitment • Appreciation • Good communication patterns • Desire to spend time together • Strong value system • Ability to deal with crisis in a positive way 6 Principles of a Healthy Family
In post WW2 80% of children grew up in two-parent homes. Today only 50% will do so. Half of the increase in child poverty is attributed to family disruption. Over 70% of juveniles in reform institutions come from one-parent homes. Divorce Stats
Children do not “bounce back” after a divorce. Girls are more at risk for teen pregnancy Self-esteem based on relationship with father Boys are more at risk for aggressive behavior. Wallerstein’s Study
don’t play favorites Rebekah
brave, taught about God and his heritage. Jochabed
go to God in all things, controlled her tongue, taught him about the Lord. Hannah
If God was picking a mother for his son, would He pick you? Mary
knew the Scriptures. Lois, Eunice
They had great faith passed their faith on to their children loved their sons. Mothers of the Bible
Know your kid Train up a kid Teach responsibility, decision-making, & independence. Convey your love to your kid. Love their father well. Pray for your kids. Model the Christian servant. Be there for them Use strict, loving discipline. Teach them What Mothers Should Do
• During the reign of Ahab, not Jewish. • Famine made her poverty more acute. • Hospitable • Elijah stayed about 2 years. Widow of Zaraphath
• Widow of Zaraphath (4:25) • Widow of Nain (7:11) • Persistent Widow (18:3) • Widow in the Temple (21:1-4) • Anna (2:36) Widows of Luke
• Accept death as a part of life. • Accept being alone. • Have a place to fill in life. • Healing includes tears, faith, work, other people • Memories help Widows Today
• Age magnifies our qualities • Age is inevitable • Outward dies, but the inward is renewed. Older Women
o Industrious o Teachable o Grateful o Kind o Virtuous o Devoted to Naomi Ruth
o Righteous o Unselfish o Worked for Ruth’s best interest o Wise o Asked God to bless (Ruth 1:8) o Counseled without being bossy Naomi
Created by: acpearl
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