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B11 Chapter 15.3

First crusade only successful crusade, happened in 1095, Holy War
Saladin Muslim warrior. Respected and feared by Muslims and Christians
What did knights gain loot from battle, possition in kings court, and estate.
Philip II king of france
parliment two houses of government. made up of two people of every town, two knights from every town, and all high ranked nobles
Magna Carta gave more power to the people. gave more rights to people.
studying will help you get a passing grade
grand jury decided whether people should be accused of a crime
trial jury decided whether an accused person was innocent or guilty
Magna Carta establish these 2 principles people have rights and the role of the government should be limited. (see notes and book)
Domesday Book a census counting population of people and animals
Magna Carta limited the power of the English king
House of Lords high-ranking English nobles and church officials
House of Commons English knights and townspeople
Estates-General representative government body of France
First Crusade captured Jerusalem and created four Christian states
Which crusade was the most successful the first one (You must see notes and/or your book for details why)
Saladin : who was he and why was he important to the Muslims Ruler of Egypt, united Muslims, declared war against the Christian states, won back Jerusalem (see also notes and book)
Second Crusade . launched when Edessa fell to the Muslims
Parliament representative government body of England
Crusader a Christian soldier
Why would someone join the crusades Religious reasons, for adventure, to travel, possible riches (see notes and book)
Infidel An Arab not of the Christian faith