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phleb chapter 7 qts

chapter 7 test questions

heparin prevents what from clotting by what? what does heparin do? by inhibitting thrombin formation
which is the best tube for collecting and etholnol specimen? a gray top
glass particles present in serum separator tubes do what? activate clotting
which needle gage has the largest lumen? 18
what is the most important factor in choosing awhich gage needle for venipuncture? csize and condition of the vein
the solution normal solution used to clean the site before a routine venipuncture is what? 70% isopropyl alcohol
measurements of copper a trace element require blood collection in a tube with what? a royal blue top
(which of the following is not an antiseptic? household bleach is not an anteseptic.
an evacuated tube system is the preferred blood collection system for all of the situations accept? it is easier to see the flash when entering the vein
the pointed tip of the needle that enters the vein is called the what? bevel
in a successful ventipuncture evacuated tubes fill automatically as soon as the tube is pierced because of? premeasured vacuum in each tube
which government agency regulates the quality of gloves worn when performing phlebotomy procedures? OSHA
decontamination of hands after glove removal is acceptable for all of the following reasons... accept decontamination is needed to quickly restore natural floura
improper handeling or storage of evacuated tubes can affect of of the following accept? inert gel quality
after a blood spill a disinfectant is applied and must have at least ____ mins of contact time for clean up to be effective. 10 mins
tubes provided by the manufacturer to be short draw are? made to fill only partially
OSHA regulations require that after use what be done? tube holder with the needle attached be diposed of as a unit
the head space in the evactuated tube is for what? a consistant amount of air space left when the tube is filled properly
the purpose of the rubber sleeve that covers the tube end of a multiple sample needle is to what? prevent leakage of blood during tube changes
which test can have cross contamination from a light blue tube? calcium
what does of the gage of the needle relate? diameter
a partial thrombinplastin time is potenially affected by all of the following additives accept? NaF
why are gauze a better choice then cotton balls for applying pressure after venipunture? cotton ball fibers can stick to the site
this anitseptic has been traditionally used to obtain the high degree of skin antisepsis for collecting blood cultures. povidone-iodine
mixing equipment from different manufacturers can result in all of the following accept? wwrong choices of additives
ETS additives are all of the following accept? tube coatings
which stopper color is the same for two of the same types of additives but used for two completely different departments? yellow
which one of the following tubes is used to collect for a a dna test? yellow/ACD
an ets holder and a seringe transfer device is very similar what is the difference between the two? there is a permanently attached needle with a sleeve inside the tranfer device.
while collecting a stat blood culture and lytes test from a child in the emergency room the physician asks the phlebotomist to collect an extra tube of blood to check for metal ____ which of the following tubes would be added to the tubes being collected? royal blue
the pupose of sodium citrate in specimen collection is to do what? protect coagulation factors
glass evacuated tubes are coated in silicone to do what? keep blood from from clinging to the tube
what anticoagulant is contained in a plasma separator gel barrier tube? heparin
all of the following are considerations for what size tube to use for ets blood collections accept for what? Patient's allergy to antiseptics
during venitpunture torniqits should be left on for no longer then? 1 min
is imporatant to fill the oxsilate tubes to the stated capacity because oxsilate tubes do what to the specimen? causes hemolysis of blood specimens
the part of the seringe that shows the measurements on the tube in ml's is called the what? barrel
which gel separator tube contains EDTA PPT
which of the following stat tests in collected in a lithium heparin tube? electrolytepanel
you are most likely to increase the chances of hemolyzing a specimen if you use a? 25 gauge butterfly needle to collect a specimen from a child
this part of the evacuated tube holder is meant to aid smooth tube removal flange
an anticoagulant works in all of the following ways accept? inhibits the metabolism of glucose
which of the following tubes will yield a plasma sample? green top-plasma red top-serum
the intent of an alternate seringe or ___ draw is to what? minimize microclot formation in anitcouagulant tubes
which additive contains the substance that inhibits phagocytosis of bacteria by white blood cells? sodium polyanethol sulfonate
if a blood pressure cuff is used for venipunture in place of a tourniqit pressure used must be what? below the patient's distolic pressure
the primary difference between plasma and serum is that plasma contains what and serum does not. fibrinogen
discuss the circumstances in which the anitcoagualnt is increased in a light blue tube is increased. If you mix the tube vigorously or use an excessive amount of inversions you can activate the platelets and shorten the clotting time.
discuss why the light blue stopper is used for coagulation studies. The light blue stopper does the best job of preserving the coagulation factors, it also uses citrates which help prevent coagulation by binding or chelating calcium.
list the reasons why EDTA is the anticoagulant of choice used for hematology. EDTA preserves cell morphology also inhibits platelet cell aggregation or clumping
disuss why the royal blue stopper is the choice used for trace elements blood volts. The royal blue stopper contains; EDTA, heparin or no additives to meet various test requirements. They are made with materials that are as free of trace element contamination as possible. This lessens the chance of contamination,& ensures accurate results
discuss the advantage of using the seringe method for venipunctue versus the ets method. smaller or more difficult veins. You can also control the speed of the draw which could help when drawing from these kinds of veins so that it doesn't collapse. also has a luer lock tip which allows the needle to attach more securely then a slip tip.
you must collect a tdm level for a patient in icu, identify the tube used, discuss the reasons for using this tube. a royal blue top or a glass red top. royal blue can be used because it is used for trace element testing and is used for toxicology and contains no additives. the glass red top also can contain no additives and prevent contamination
using the numbers 1-5 list the order of draw using eps for the following tests, cbc, blood culture, ldl, plasma glucose, pt. 1)blood culture- yellow SPS 2)PT- light blue 3)LDL- gold 4)CBC- lavender 5)plasma glucose- gray
which of the following tube color will clot first. SSTs and plastic red top they contain Celite or Silica (glass paticles) which are clotting activators.
Created by: Brittanyj
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