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Name of the Chinese dynasty that began in 206 A.D. and ended in 220 A.D. Han Dynasty
The dynasty which began with the emperor Yang Jian Sui Dynasty
Another name Yang Jian took after he became emperor. Wendi
What was a Civil Service exam which was started during the Sui Dynasty? test to get a government job
Why did the Civil Service exam help the government? made more skilled workers
Wendi had the Grand Canal built. What two rivers did it connect? Huang He (Yellow) River and Chang Jjang (Yangtze) River
What was the reason the Chinese people revolted against the Sui Dynasty? high taxes
What dynasty replaced the Sui Dynasty? Tang Dynasty
Taizong was an emperor under the Tang Dynasty. Give 2 reason why the peasants like Taizong. 1. didn't overburden them with taxes; 2. took land from rich to give to peasants
Name the 3 main religions found in China. Confucionism/Buddhism/Taoism
Confucius believed that people would do well in life if their relationships worked. Name the 5 relationships he spoke of. Ruler-subject; father-son; husband-wife; older brother-younger brother; older friend-younger friend
How did Confucius relate information to his followers? Proverbs
What religion did Siddhartha Gautama began? Buddhism
Buddha felt that people could achieve Nirvana if they followed the 4 _____ and the _____ Path. Noble Truths; Eightfold
What did Buddha believe would happen to a person who didn't follow the rules on earth after they died? be reincarnated
Buddhists believe in Nirvana. What is Nirvana? no more reincarnation
Give similarities between Buddhism and Christianity. God; devil; no forbidden pleasures; right speech; right conduct; no killing; no stealing; respect all walks of life; no lying; no violence; right intentions
Give differences between Christianity and Buddhism. Jesus/Buddha (Gautama); no reincarnation/reincarnation; heaven/Nirvana; priests/munks; no prayer wheels/prayer wheels; 10 Commandments/4 Noble Truths and Eightfold Path
What religion did Lao Tzu begin? Taoism
What is Tao Te Ching? Taoist bible
According to Taoism, positive forces are called _____ and negative forces are called _____. yang; yin
Define the term imperial. related to empire
What 2 dynasties had Ch'ang-an as their capital? Sui and Tang
Why was Ch'ang-an chosen as the capital? on major trade route or river
Define bureaucracy. divided into departments
The Tang government was set up like a pyramid with 3 levels. Who was on top of this pyramid, who was in the middle, and who was on the bottom? top-emperor; middle-Chief Advisor; bottom-bureaucracy
Define the term "scholar official." educated person with a government position
What dynasty replaced the Tang dynasty? Song
What was different about the rice grown during the Song dynasty than rice grown earlier? 2-3 crops a year; more yield
The Chinese invented a lot of products which Europeans began buying. List 8 inventions they came up with. Know what each is. gun powder, fireworks, magnetic compasses, paper money, porcelain, wood block printing, paper, iron plows, cast iron, harness for horse, stirrup, movable type, ship rudder, crossbow, gun, ceramic, bronze, weaving, fan, kites, bamboo holders, water clocks
More Chinese inventions... blast furnace, acupuncture, silks, planetarium, cannon, weathercock (told whether earthquake is coming)
What was the name of the foreign nomadic warriors who eventually took over much of Asia and China? Mongols
Define the word "khan." ruler
Who was the Mongol leader who conquered Asia by 1221? Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan's descendents divided China into 4 parts called what? Khanates
Genghis Khan's grandson took over China in 1260. What was his name? Kublai Khan
Kublai Khan started what dynasty? Yuan
What is the Silk Road? trade route between Europe and Asia
Why was the Silk Road important? made trading easier
Name 3 major products that were transported on the Silk Road. silks, porcelain, tea
First Italian trader who brought a lot of goods back to China after he, himself lived in China for almost 20 years. Marco Polo
Who was the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty? Zhu Yuanzhang
Who was the Chinese ruler who expanded the capital of Beijing and built the Forbidden City? Yongle
What famous piece of architecture was built for many years to try to keep foreign invaders out of China? It is so large that you can see it from outer space today. Great Wall of China
Define tributes. payment from one country to another
Who used tributes and why? Yongle; to get money and respect
Define maritime. related to the sea
What was teh last existing Chinese dynasty? Qing
What kind of government exists in China today? Communist
Today, people in China work on collectivized farms. What are these? government owned farms; people work for government
How is communism different from democracy? no freedom, no private ownership
Where will Mrs. Soster's oldest son, Michael, be for Christmas? Japan
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