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GROW16-20 review

Grow 16-20

What is the capital of New Jersey, the state where the first recorded baseball game took place in 1846? Trenton
What is another name for a line of latitude? Parallel
What Middle Eastern country lies between Iraq and Afghanistan and used to be called Persia? Iran
What is the second largest ocean in the world? Atlantic
What is the name of the state that is divided into two parts by water and also has the largest fresh water border of all the states? Michigan
Which is more mountainous, Northern or Southern Asia? Southern
In what state, whose borders are North and South Dakota to the east, do the Rocky Mountains cover about 40% of the land surface? Montana
What is the farthest point south on the Earth's surface? South Pole
Which Great Lake is the only one that does not also belong to Canada? Michigan
What country has the largest land area in the Western Hemisphere? Canada
What country has the largest land area in the Eastern Hemisphere? Soviet Union
Does the Prime Meridian pass through the North or South Pole? Both
What is the name given to half of the Earth that includes Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and their waters? Eastern Hemisphere
Which circle passes through more continents, Antartic or Artic? Artic
The city of Shanghai in China is near the mouth of what river? Yangtze
Which state has no border on the Atlantic Ocean: New Hampshire, Connecticut, or Vermont? Vermont
Name the river that forms a border between the states of Washington and Oregon. Columbia River
How many countries are on the continent of South America? Twelve
Is Bermuda north or south of North Carolina? South
Which state contains the name of a country bordering the United States? New Mexico
Created by: lawalker