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World War II

What did the 1935 Nuremburg Laws take away from German Jews? citizenship
What did Hitler violate when he expanded the German military? Treaty of Versailles
What do both Fascists and Communists support? Totalitarianism
What action brought the U.S into WWII? attack on Pearl Harbor
What strategy did Gen. MacArthur use to get closer to Japan? island hopping
What U.S. general led the Allied invastion of France? Eisenhower
What effect did the Holocaust have on Europe? millons were killed or displaced
Against what country did Hitler use a blitzkrieg or lightning war? Poland
Which country was set free from Nazi control by the D-Day invasion? France
The policy of appeasement was part of what document? Munich Pact
What event in 1931 started the war in the Pacific Theater? Japan invading China
What branch of the military was significant for the Germans in the Battle of Britain? Air force
What made the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? US would not sell oil to Japan
Where were Jews forced to live after being removed from their homes? ghettos
What new technology helped troops prepare for enemy planes? radar
What new technology helped move the Air Force closer to their targets? aircraft carriers
What new technology ended the war and resulted in total destruction of cities? atomic bomb
Created by: camoose