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Modern Theology

Mr. Mauthe's Great Thinkers class

exclusivism literal interpretation of Jesus' words: "I am the one gets to the Father except through me"
exclusivism Jesus is the only savior of the world; there is only one path to salvation-all non-CHristians cannot be saved (ex. fundamentalist faiths believe this); not the Catholic Church view
inclusivism the teaching of the Catholic Church
what theological idea is Karl Rahner associated with inclusivism
inclusivism Jesus is the only savior of the world; Anonymous Christianity
anonymous Christianity non-christians can be saved-they have God's law written on his or her heart; by living the christian lifestyle, non-christians become "anonymous christians" who need God's mercy therefore anyone can be saved
anyone can be saved, but Jesus is the means of salvation; Catholic is the brightest part of the flashlight; as the light dims some Christian denominations are there (Catholic is the fullness of truth) inclusivism
what theological idea is John Hick (an anglican christian) associated with pluralism
pluralism each religion contributes to an understanding of "the real" but no religion has the whole truth; religions "constitute different 'lenses' through which the divine reality is differently perceived; Jesus is not the savior but a savior
religions are a cultural reaction to an understanding of the Real pluralism
inclusivism criticism why is Christianity at the center? God should be at the center
pluralism: God is personal & impersonal ex. electro magnetic radiation can be seen as waves & particles when experimented on & both are valid; complimentary truths; depends on how you see God
problem with pluralism there is no religious complete truth but if you believe you have the compelte truth you're lying; Jesus isn't the savior
3 main topics of feminist theology 1.nature of God(do we limit God by using predominantly male images?)2.the person of Chirst(is His maleness a necessary"ingredient"to His role as savior? 3.the understanding of Sin (is the traditional female experience an insight into other"types"of sin?
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