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Phlebotomy Review 1

Review for the National Certification

How do you Prep a site for collection of Blood Cultures? Clean the site with Alcohol & Iodine
What does "Anaerobic" mean? Without Oxygen
What does "Aerobic" mean? With Oxygen
What does "ACD" stand for? Acid Citrate Dextrose
What is the order of draw? Sterile, Light Blue, Red, SST, Green, Lavender, Gray
When are Royal Blue Tubes used? For Heavy Metal Testing (Lead, Aluminum, & Mercury)
What does "GTT" stand for? Glucose Tolerance Test
What is "Anatomy" ? The study of the character and location of structures within the body
What is "Physiology" ? The study of what all those structures do and how they do it
What are the functions of the Circulatory System? 1. Oxygen Transport 6. Vitamin Transport 2. Nutrient Transport 7. Hormone Transport 3. Waste Transport 8. Infection Control 4. Water Balance 9. Loss Control 5. Heat Balance
What are Erythrocytes? Red Blood Cells
What are Leukocytes? White Blood Cells
What are Thrombocytes? Platelets
What is Plasma? Water-based fluid that RBC, WBC, and platelets float around in
What are the WBC responsible for? Fighting and Preventing infection
What are the different types of Leukocytes? 1. Neutophil 2. Basophils 3. Eosinophil 4. Monocyte 5. Macrophage
What are Basophils responsible for? store and release Histamine
What are Neutrophil responsible for? fight off bacteria
What are Eosinophils responsible for? Fight off infection and parasites
What are Monocytes responsible for? ingest anyforeign substance
What are Macrophage responsible for? "BIG EATERS" engulf then digest
What is the average life span of a RBC? 120 days
What is the average life span of a WBC? 1 day - 1 year
Created by: loneal0909