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ch 9 and Midterm

Medical terminology

Rhea fllow and discharge
Hyperpnhea excessive breathing,an abnormal increase in depth and rate of respiration.
Inspiration the drawing of air into the lungs is inspiration
Expiration Expelling air from the lungs, the act of breathing out or letting out one's breath, is expiration
Apnea absence of spontaneous breathing
orthopnea breathing is difficult except in an upright position
Bradypnea abnormal slowness of breathing
Hypoxia a condition of decreased oxygen
Rhino nose
Laryngitis inflammation of the voice box
Dysphonia Difficulty in speaking or weak voice
Endocrine Glands Secrete internally; applied to organs that secrete hormones into the bloodstream.
Benigin not malignant; not recurrent' favorable for recovery
Malignant tending to grow worse and threatening to result in death
Blood Pressure Pressure of the blood within the arteries
Pulse the rhythmic expansion of an artery that may be felt with a finger.
Respiration the exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and the cells of the body.
Adeno Preffix gland
Graph an instrument used to record
Gram is a record
Scope an instrument used to view
Scopy The suffix that means a visual examination with a lighted instrument is a scopy.
Hydrous means containing water
Pericarditis inflammation of the lining around the heart
Brady means slow
Tachy means fast
Idio means individual
Sclero Combining from Scler(o)means hard
Blepharal Pertainging to the eyelid
Ptosis Dropping of the upper eyelid
Antiseptic is a substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms without necessarily killing them
Bactericidal capable of killing bacteria
Lysin Aspecific complement-fixing antibody that acts destructively on cells and tissues;
Plantar pertaining to the sole of the foot
Caudal pertains to a tail or tail-like structure
Proximal nearest to orgin or point of attachement
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