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Peds Stats PA/SFU06

Pediatric stats of diseases for PA pance simon/miller book source

Peds statsAnswer
Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) whats the prevalence? 10 per 1,000 Live births
Ventrical Septal Defect (VSD) what percent of CHD ? 32% of Congenital heart defects
Atrial Septal Defect what percentage of CHD 7% of Congenital heart defects
Patent Ductus arteriosus what percent of CHD? 7% of Congenital heart defects
Pulmanary Stenosis what percent of CHD? 7% of Congenital heart defects
coarctation of the aorta, what percent of CHD? 5% of Congenital heart defects
Tetralogy of Fallot what percent of CHD 5% of Congenital heart defects
Most common cyonotic heart lesion. Tetrology of Fallot
Accounts for 25% of Cardiac deaths in 1st year of life Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
Peak risk of Rheumatic fever is for whom and when? 5-15 yr old during Fall , Winter and spring
what percent of infants have spitting up or Vomiting as an isolated complaint? 50 %
Most frequent intestinal obstruction in the first 2 years of life intussusception
intussusception who male of females Males more
ntussusception associated with what dieases? Celiac and CF
Infants < 30 days old TX with erythromycin what GI complication? Pyloric Stenosis
Pyloric Stenosis what % postive Famly history? 13%
Physiologic Jaundice peaks when post partum? 3-5 days post partum
Breast milk Jaundice peaks when? 2-3 weeks
I am an Alaskan/Native american Boy with a cleft pallet that was bottle fed when laying down and my parents smoked in the house I alson go to datcare and have Downs, Gokdehnhars and treacher Collins syndrom what am I at risk for? OM
Epiglottitis " 90% of the time caused by H. Flu
Second Leading cause of death in infancy SIDS
SIDS what age? < 12 ,peaks 2-4 mon
Most Common lethal genetic disease in the US Cystic Fibrosis
CF what Race ? Caucasians
Cystic Fibrosis incidence? 1:3,000 - 1:2,500
Foriegnbody aspiration < 1 yr what? 5 back blows 5 rapid chest compression
Foriegnbody aspiration > yr what? abdominal thrusts NO blind sweeps
Brochiolitis when most commom and who? Witer and Spring ,< 2 years old
mycoplasmal incubation 2-3 weeks
What Pneumoniae is most common in children with sickle cell disease? S. Pneumoniae
Most common chronic childhood illness ? Asthma
What % of Population has Asthma? 5-15%
Scoliosis Females have it more but how much more? F 5times more then males
Painfull swelling over tibial tubercle with occasional avulsion of patellar tendon at insertion if tibia Osgood-Schlatter Disease
Osgood-Schlatter Disease who and when gets it? Boys 10-15 yrs old
capital femoral epiphysis becomes avascular , then is reabsorbed then revascularised what is it? Legg-Calve'-Perhes Disease
Legg-Calve'-Perhes Disease who gets it? and when? Males 5:1 ages 4-8
Legg-Calve'-Perhes Disease assocated with what features? Low birth weight , delayed bone age, short stature
Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis who most common Fat teenage boys (I visualize a fat boy eating an ice cream cone and the top falls off)
Metatarsus adductus and metatarsus varus who commanly has? infants
Medial tibial torsion who commonly has? 12-24 months of age
Medial femoral torsion/ femoral anteverison who commonly has? 3-5 years old
Pyloric stenosis :Who most likly ? First born Males / Full Term/ + Famly History / erythromycin tx
Developmental Dysplasia of Hip: whats the 3 tests on new borns amd infants? Ortolani, Barlowtest, Galeazzi's sign
Developmental Dysplasioa of Hip sign of walking child? limping , toewalking , waddling Gate
Developmental Dysplasioa of Hip Who Gest its? First Born Caucasian Females ( ratio of 8:1)
3 types of Juvenile RA : the onset is <16 yrs old lasting more then 6 weeks, cardinal feature is morning stiffness> 15min Name the 3 patterns Most Common:40-60% Pauciarticular mostly Female/ Polyarticular prodominatly Femaole/ Stills disease 10-20 Male =Female
Leading cause of acquired heart disease in kids in developed countires..What? Kawasaki Disease ... NOT rhuematic fever
Kawasaki disease who gets it? In developed countries M>F/ < 5 yrs old/ Greatest in Asians
Kawasaki clinical criteria Kawasaki Fever > 40 for 5days NOT responsive to antibiotics extremity erythema desquamation, Strawberry tong and mucosal dryness, abd pain uvitis aseptic meningitis arthalgias D?V abdominal pain and on and on NOT runny nose or respiratoey
In Males only: distended bladder deteceted prenatale by US and after birth, palpable kidneys , UTI poor stream failure to thrive later PUV Posterior Urethral valves
Most Common genital problem in pediatric urology Cryptoorchidism
Most Common penile abnormality Hypospadias
Cryptochidism what % of Full term males 3-4 %
Cryptochidism what % of Preterm males 30%
Cryptochidismwhat % decend by 3 months? 50%
Cryptochidismwhat % decend by 12 months? 80%
UTIs more common in Females the male except when ? Neonatal the males more
Acute Poststreptococcal Glomerulonephritis how many days after Beta Hemalytic Step throat or skin infection?? 7-14 days later
Inter sex abnormality how many births? 1/4000 live births
Most common cause of Mental retardation? iodine deficiency
Most common neuro behavior disorder ADHD
Rebella ( German Measles) what time of year Spring time ( For Hitler is how I remeber it) also Italy was Germanys alli and Bella is an Italian word)
Rubella : congenital defects: Growth retartdaion, deafness,encephalitis, CHD,Cataracts, Juandice thrombocytopenia / Blue berry muffin rash
Rubella : infectious when? 5 days befor and after rash
Congenital rubella syndrom (CRS ) is due to maternal infection in what trimester? First
Stebsen duct red and expressing yellow secretions what common infx of child hood? Mumps!!!
Winter gastroenteritis is what? H. Rotavirus
H. Rotavirus what antibiotics and anti diarrheals? NOT Indicated!!!!!!
H. Rotavirus how old? 6 month to 2 years
Croup how old? 3 to 36 months
Epiglottitis how old 3-7 yrs
Created by: pnelson