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Phlebotomy study

Study Questions

Examples of nonverbal, distracting behaviors: Tapping a pencil, gazing outside the window and glancing at the clock.
Statements that are inappropriate during a phlebotomy procedure: This won't hurt a bit, Your name is Mrs. Jones isn't it? You are required to cooperate with this.
Key elements in an effective communication: Active listening, nonverbal cues, verbal skills.
The main area of responsibility for every phlebotomist is: preanalytical processes
Feelings that one experiences when a stranger gets "to close for comfort"? Anxiety, fear, security.
Competency Statements for Phlebotomists: Entry level skills, tasks, roles.
Veracity is an essential character trait for phlebotomist. Veracity is telling the truth.
How should a phlebotomist treat a patient who may have defness? Ask the patient whether you should repeat the steps before proceeding.
Why is eye contact helpful during a phlebotomist-patient interaction? Promotes sense of trust.
The best example of internal stakeholders for clinical laboratory serives. Doctors and nurses.
A nurse just came out of patient's room stating the the patient threw his arm up when she was performing a venipuncture and that the needle jabbed her as it flew out of his arm. When should the nurse report it? Immediately
A health care worker is given voluntary permission to touch a patient for blood collection under what legal term? Informed consent.
Specimen collection and handling is referred to as preanalytical phase.
The federal law that regulates the quality and accuracy of laboratory testing (including blood collection) through certification inspections is referred to ask CLIA '88
Malpractice in blood collection is the same as: Professional negligence.
The measuring stick representing the conduct of the avg health care worker is the: National Community
A phlebotomist forgot her password for the laboratory computer and used a coleague's password to enter the laboratory access files to check on a patient's blood work to be performed. What law has she violated? HIPPA
For potential lawsuits that may occur in the health care facility, which of the following must be maintained in the health care worker's employee file? Record of continuing education courses
The intentional touching of another person without permission is considered to be Battery
Homeostasis means Steady state condition
Superficial vein means Vein thais close to the skins surface.
Best position for a patient to be in when the health care worker performs a phlebotomy procedure. Supine position
Arteries differ from veins in which way? Blood from arteries appears bright red.
Capillary blood contains the following? Cells, plasma, aratrial blood, venous blood
a patient has a severe burn on his left wrist. Best description of its location relative to his fingers.The burn is: proximal to his fingers
Venous blood is Dark red
what volume of blood (in liters) does a normal adult have? 4 to 5 liters
Hemostasis refers to Control of blood clotting
If a health care worker is caught in a fire in the health care facility, she or he should not run.
What are the major principles of self-protection from radiation exposure Time, distance, and shielding.
The health care worker was asked to bring a chemical into the chemistry laboratory. the health cre worker noticed that a yellow quadrant of a diamond on th echemical's label showed 1. this yellow quadrant of the diamond, according to NFPA, indicates a: Instability hazard
If an accident occurs, such as a needlestick, the injured health care worker should first and immediately: Cleanse the area with isopropyl alcohol and apply an adhesive bandage
Safe working conditions must be ensureed by the employer and have ben madated by law under the Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration Act
Antiseptics for skin include Iodine
In a health care facility, which is a typical fomite? Telephone
Which of the following isolation techniques is used to decrease the spread of whooping cough? Droplet precautions
Reverse isolation is the same as: Protection Isolation
What is the proper order for removal of Isolation PPE? gloves, goggles, and then gown.
Medical records serve what purpose Coordination of care
Bar codes can be used for which type of information? patient identification numbers
What is the most error-free method for requesting a laboratory test? computerized method
A specimen should be protected from light for which of the following determinations? bilirubin concentration
A specimen should be chilled for which of the following analyses? Blood gases
Normal body termperature in degrees Centigrade is: 37 degrees.
room temperature in degrees Centigrade is 25 degrees
Thermolabile means senstivity to: Temperature changes
Photosensitivity means sensitivity to light
Approximately how long does it take a normal blood specimen (without an anticoagulant or clot activator to clot? 30 to 60 minutes...
the yellow-topped vacuum collection tube has which of the following additves Sodium polyanetholesulfonate (SPS)
The butterfly blood collection set is frequently used with the needle gauge size of 23 gauge
which of the following anticoagulants is found in a royal blue-topped blood collection tube? No Additives
Lithium heparin is a suitable anticoagulant for collecting blood to run which of the following tests? Glucose level?
Which of the following is blood microcollection system? Ramsafe-t-fill
A blood cell count requires whole blood collected in a Purple topped tube (Lavender)
Specimens for which of the following tests must be collected in light blue-topped blood collection tubes? PT and APTT
Blood collection for blood-banking procedures can be collected in which of the following tubes? Pink topped tubes
A prefilled device used as a collection and dilution unit is the : BD Unopette
Which of the following anticoagulants is recommended for blood smear preparation? EDTA
Which of the following is the likely cause of hemoconcentration Long term IV therapy.
Which of the following is a solid mass derived from blood constituents and can block a vein (or an artery)? Thrombus
If blood is to be collected for a timed blood triglyceride-level determination, the patient must fast for how long? 8 to 12 hours.
Syncope refers to fainting
If the tourniquet is applied for longer than 3 minutes, which of the following analytes will most likely become falsely elevated potassium
To ensure that the patient is in the basal state for laboratory testing, The physician must require the patient to fast overnight
What cleansing agent can be used for a patient's venipuncture site if the patient is allergic to iodine Chlorohexidine
Small red spots on a patient's skin due to a blood clotting abnormality is refereed to as Petechiae
Sclerosed veins are a result of inflammation
A hemolyzed specimen can lead to falsely increased results for potassium
Which of the following is the best site for a capillary puncture on an adult? middle finger
Controlling the depth of the skin puncture prevents: ostemyelitis
Skin puncture is not useful for patients who have which of the following conditions? healthy adults who need many laboratory tests.
Which fingers are used most often for skin puncture? Third or fourth finger.
What is the disinfectant of choice for a capillary puncture procedure? 70% isopropyl alcohol
Which drops of blood should be used for specimen collection during a fingerstick? Second
Which drop should be wiped away before beginning the capillary collection? first
What does the feathered edge refer to? Edge of the blood film on a microscope slide.
Capillary blood is composed of Venous, arterial, and capillary blood,and tissue fluids
Plastic microcollection tubes should be filled with blood in which of the following ways? Allowing the tube to fill by itself using capillary action.
The preferred technique for preparing a child for blood collection is to: Place the child in a vertical position as the parent holds him or her.
Which of the following is an acceptable way to prepare the child for pain from venipuncture? EMLA application
Which is the preferred site for a skin puncture for a newborn infant? Medial or lateral plantar surface of the heel.
Which of the following supplies is needed to collect blood for capillary blood gases from a newborn infant? metal filing
Which of the following is a debilitating desease causing tremors, particularly in elderly individuals? Parkinsons Disease.
Which of the following supplies is needed tocollect blood for a pediatric venipuncture? Safety winged infusion set.
If a neonate or child is going to receive fluid intravenously, what veins should be avoided for blood collection? Veins in the dorsum of the foot
If th eincision made for blood collection is too deep in the infant's heel, this improper heelstick can lead to? Osteochondritis
Venipuncture in an infant and/or toddler is recommended for which of the following blood test? Blood Cultures
For the dorsal hand vein procedure on an infant, the angle of the needle to the skin should be? 15 degrees.
What is a fistula? The fusion of a vein and an artery.
What is the first step to obtain blood for glucose monitoring? Check the patient's ID according to the health care facilit's protocol.
Which of the following tests is measured through blood coagulation monitoring by point-of care testing? PTP
Which of the following supplies is not needed to test with CoaguChek System? Tourniquet
What is the reason for collecting a 24 hour urine specimen from a patient? To test for creatnine clearance.
Which of the following evacuated tubes is preferred for the collection of a blood culture specimen? Yellow-topped evacuated tube
During a glucose tolerance test, which procedure is acceptable? A fasting blood collection is performed and then a standard amount of glucose drink is given to the patient.
The ABG analysis uses which of the following for the preferred blood collection site to obtain accurate results? Radial artery.
When arterial blood is collected for an ABG determination, the needle should be inserted at an angle of no less than 45 degrees
If blood culture collection is requested on a patient that is allergic to idodine, what alternative cleansing solution should be used? Chlorohexidine gluconate.
The term hematuria refers to blood in the urine
A butterfly needle is another name for winged infusion set
Which of the following could result in phlebitis multiple needle sticks
which anticoagulant would be found in a green top tube? Sodium Heparin
Which condition describes swelling of tissue due to fluid edema
Another name for Red Blood Cells? Erthrocytes
A chemical in a grey top tube that prevents glycolosis is? Sodium Heparin
glycolisis is? Breakdown of blood sugar
The most common complication of Phlebotomy is? Hematoma
Into which tube would an Erthrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) be drawn Lavendar
In which color top tube would sodium citrate be found? Blue top tube
Hemolysis is the destruction of which type of cells? Red Blood Cells
Healthcare workers with exposure risk to bloodborne pathogens must be offered which vaccine? Hepatitis B
Proper order of draw for Ammonia, CBC, Pt & Chem 14? Blue, Red, Green, Lavendar
Which tube contains Pottasium Oxalate? Gray
Which of these would be used during skin puncture? Capillary tube.
All of these are part of a CBC except? Prothronbin time
Which vein is usually the easiest vein to palpate on an obese patient? cephalic
Which is true about drawing blood for coagulation studies? Blue top tube must be completely filled. 9 to 1 ratio.
Which gauge needle is the smallest 25 gauge
Standard gauge needle is 21 gauge
Below I.v. you can draw blood? And You can draw blood above the I.V if the I.V. is turned off. Both are true.
Having adequate rest and no food for 12 hours describes? Basal state
What is the proper way to dispose of a needle? Place it uncapped in a sharps container
When finishing a venipuncture you should? Remove tourniquette, then needle, apply pressure.
A glucose test would be drawn into which tube grey
Disease causing bacteria are referred to as? Pathogenic
Which would be seen on the differential of a patient with severe allergies? Increased eosinophils
Leaving a tourniquette on for to long can result in hemoconcentration
Stat Electrolytes are drawn in to which color top tube? Green
What can be done to prevent a hemotoma Apply pressure to the puncture site until bleeding stops
Pink top tube contains EDTA, anticoagulant. What color tubes do you use at the blood bank? Lavendar and Red.
Hemolysis is? Breaking down of the blood cells
What test is performed on a donor prior to donating? Hemoglobin/Hematacrit
Hypoglycemia refers to a condion of Low blood glucose.
Which is most likely to hemolyze a specimen drawing with a 25 G needle?
Which would be seen on the differential of a patient with severe allergies Increased eosinophils.
Neutrophils are White Blood Cells that serve which funtion? Phagocytosis (engulf bacteria)
What oxygenates the body Red Blood cells
Several inidvidual tests performed together as one is a? Profile
Which procedure is usually performed by a respitory therapist? Arterial Blood gas.
Excessively miling a finger during capillary punture results in? Hemolysis and Contamination with tissue fluid.
Standard precautions interrupts pathogens transmission on at whih step in the chain of infection. Portal of exit
What area is accepted for performin an infant heel puncture? The medial extending from the great toe and lateral line extending from the 4th and 5th toe.
A PKU test is performed on what type of sample Bllod drawn from an infants heel.
Nosocomial infections are Infections that are contracted in a healthcare setting
From which of the following tubes could serum be seperated SST
On what does a phlebotomist base the decision of which gauge needle to use? size and condition of vein
If you fill a SST 75% full for a chem panel and it gets rejected, what is the most likely reason? Speciman was hemolyzed
Definition of plasma? Fluid component of unclotted blood
A PT/Ptt is drawn into which tube? Blue tube
Which of the following are involved in the vaxcular stage of hemostatsis Blood vessel constriction
When would you draw a Post Prandial blood test After a meal
Post Prandial means after a meal
Which is the most critical error a phlebotomist can make? Misidentifying and drawing the wrong patient
When a vein becomes hardened and cord like it is said to be? Sclerosed
When would a multisample needle be used ? When several tubes of blood are needed from one patient.
What is a fomite? An inanimate deject that carries a disease
How many times should a tube be inverted 8 times
As what is a funtion of thrombocytes? clotting to stop bleeding
A patient who is cyanotic would be? Bluish in color due to low oxygen levels.
What is the life of a Red Blood cell? 120 days
Where is poing ot care testing performed? At the patients bedside.
In which lab dept would a CBC be performed? Hematology
Which dept in a lab performs a serum pregnancy? Chemistry
What percent of blood volume is composed of formed elements 45%
For which test would a clean catch midstream urine specimen be used Microbiology/urine
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