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WK7 phleb T/F

Week seven phlebotomy true/false

Chemotherapy drugs used in cancer treatment can lead to a decrease in blood cellular elements False
Menstrual blood loss is the single most common cause of iron-deficiency anemia in women True
Geographic factors, such as altitude, temperature and humidity, also affect baseline values True
Laboratory test results can be falsely elevated or decreased if the tourniquet pressure is too tight or is maintained too long True
Blood specimens used to determine the concentrations of body constituents e.g.Glucose, cho- lesterol,triglycerides,proteins, etc. Should be collected when patient is on basal state after 12 hr fast True
The most common side affect in patients being treated with anticoagulants such as Warfarin or Heparin (i.e., for management of acute coronary syndromes) is abnormal bleeding True
The term "Fasting" refers to abstinence from nutritional support such as food and beverages, including water False
Anti-hypertensive agents given for a long period to lower high blood pressure can lead to liver damage if the patient is not monitored closely False
When collecting blood to determine the blood levels of medications, in most cases, it should be collected just after the next dose False
Thrombi are solid masses derived form blood constituents that reside in the blood vessels True
Created by: blood guy