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WK7 phleb shrt ans

Week seven short answer

Blood clot(s) formed somewhere within the cardiovascular system Thrombi
Which of the following analytes is/are significantly increased in the blood with changes in position? 1)Iron 2)Calcium
The results of which the following laboratory test on blood change with age? 1)Cholesterol 2)Estrogen 3)Growth hormone 4)Triglycerides
The patient commented that he/she was taking a second dose of Tylenol since the first dose did not help his headache. What blood constituent(s) can be elevated by the effects of Tylenol? 1)AST 2)Bilirubin
What is the rupture of blood cells called? Hemolysis
If a patient is given instructions to fast, the patient: 1)Needs to fast for 12 to 14 hours 2)Needs to abstain from food for 12 to 14 hrs
When referring to serum, a cloudy or milky appearance is said to be? Turbid
A solid mass derived form blood constituents that occludes a blood vessel is/are? Thrombus
The result of which the following laboratory test will be affected if the patient is not fasting? 1)Triglycerides 2)Glucose
When the area around the venipuncture site starts to swell with the leakage of blood into the tissues, the resulting damage is referred to as? A hematoma
The complete removal of a breast(tissue) is called? Mastectomy
Minute, pinpoint hemorrhagic spots in the skin may be indicative of a coagulation abnormality are called? Petechiae
A phlebotomist should attempt to decrease anxiety and stress in a patient since stress and anxiety can lead to what? Increases in lactate levels
A localized leakage of blood into the tissues or into and organ is called? A Hematoma
Veins that have become hardened are referred to as? Sclerosed
Turbid serum? 1)Can be caused by high lipid levels in the blood 2)Is primarily caused by ingestion of fatty substances 3)can result from bacterial contamination in the blood
Closed or constricted veins are referred to as? Occluded
An obstruction and/or lack of flow of the lymph fluid is called? Lymphostasis
Factors that may cause changes in the basal state are? 1)Menstrual cycle 2)Alcohol 3)Diet 4)Exercise
Created by: blood guy