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WK& multi choice

Week seven multiple choice

patients who are marathon runners may which effects on phlebotomy? Laboratory values may be increased or decreased
What is the condition called if there are small red spots on the patients arms? Petechiae
What may happen to a patient if too much blood is drawn during phlebotomy? The patient may become anemic
When should a physician help determine the venipuncture site? When the patient has had a double mastectomy
Why do hematomas occur during venipuncture? The position of the needle partially in the vein causes leakage
What may cause a transient increase in the WBC count? Anxiety and crying
What do sclerosed veins feel like? Hard
What is the maximum time a tourniquet be left on a patient? 60 seconds (1 min)
What phlebotomy complication can anticoagulant therapy cause in a patient? Excessive bleeding
What is the condition called if the venipuncture site is swollen? Edema
Created by: blood guy