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WK6 Phleb multichoic

Week 6 Phlebotomy Mulitple choice

What is important about the manufacturer's instructions for puncture devices? They describe how to use the product safely
What complication might result if a bone is accidentally punctured over and over again? Osteomyelitis
What happens if the initial drop of blood is too large on a blood smear? The smear may be too thick
What is a "Feathered" edge on a blood smear? The smear was probably well made because it has a thin feather like appearance at one end
Why should adhesive bandages be avoided for infants? Because of the risk of aspiration, swallowing and irritation
Povidone-iodine use for capillary punctures can cause erroneous results for which test(s)? Potassium
Why are phlebotomist at risk of injury when using glass capillary tubes? Glass tubes have a tendency to shatter
Which of the following blood test should not be performed on capillary blood? Coagulation test
Manufacturer's make puncture devices to control for which of the factor(s)/ Puncture depth and length
Capillary blood is composed of which of the following? Mixture of tissue fluid, arterial and venous blood
Why are retractable puncture devices recommended for capillary punctures? They are less prone to accidental punctures
Capillary punctures are different from venipunctures in which way? They require a different order of collection tubes
What does it mean if there are lots streaks in a blood smear? The smear is a probably not suitable for analysis
To increase the chances of acquiring enough blood from a patient's finger that is cold, what can one do? Warm the site
How are laser devises used in phlebotomy? As an alternative to a lancet type puncture device
How should an open lancet be disposed of? In a puncture resistant biohazard container
If a patient has a preference for performing the capillary puncture on a particular finger of the left hand, what should the phlebotomist do? Try to accommodate the request, unless it is a non-recommended site
When is it safe to leave a patient after performing a capillary puncture? When the bleeding has stopped completely
What is the first step in performing a capillary puncture? Greet the patient
For capillary punctures, do phlebotomist always have to wear gloves? Yes, always
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