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Ch 6 Ancient India

Hindism, Buddism

A large landmass that is connected to the rest of the continent Subcontinent
A walled fort that protects a city Citadel
To move from on place to another to live, especially a large group of people Migrate
The religion of India that grew out of the beliefs of the ancient Aryan people; it stresses that one main force connects to all life Hinduism
In Hinduism, the ancient books of sacred songs on which much of it is religious beliefs are base Vedas
The social system in HIndu society in which a person's place is determined by the rank of the family into which he or she is born Caste System
A Hindu belief that is revolutionary move in a constant cycle of life, death, and rebirth Reincarnation
In Buddism, the principles that rule life and promise an end to suffering Four Noble Truths
In Hinduism, the laws and duties that guide the behavior of each caste member Dharma
A religion founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama which teaches that the most important thing in life is to reach peace by ending suffering Buddism
A man who devotes his life to a religious group, often giving up all he owns Monk
In Hinduism and Buddism, the end result of all of a persons good and bad acts, which determine his or her rebirth Karma
In Buddism, the basic rules of behavior and belief leading to an end of suffering Eightfold Path
In Buddism, a way of life, neither to strict nor to easy, that results from following the Eightfold Path Middle Way
How would you describe the Indus Plains Dry and Dessert-like
What material did people in Mohenjo-Daro use to pave streets and construct housing? Bricks
What causes might have destroyed Harappan civilization Earthquakes and Floods
Who migrated to the Indus Valley in about 1500 B.C. The Aryans
Why is Hinduism a major world religion It has 800 million followers
1. Life is filled with suffering 2. suffering is caused by peoples wants 3. suffering can end if people stop wanting 4. To stop wanting people must follow 8 basic laws Four Noble Truths
what did Siddhartha seeks? The meaning of life
How did the Buddha's enlightenment follow Hindu beliefs? Reincarnation and Karma
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