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Lesson 18

Lesson 18/Specialties

log/o the study of
sureon one who performs surgery
onc/o tumor
orth/o straight
rheumat/o watery discharge, rheumatic condition
/vention coming
neo/ new
esthesi/o perception, sensation
physician doctor
allergist one who specializes in study of allergies
anesthesiology study of evaluation and treatment during surgery under anesthesia
anesthesiologist one who specializes in anesthesiology
cardiologist one who specializes in cartiology
cardiology study of the heart
cardiovascular surgery surgery on heart and large blood vessels
cardiovascular surgeon one who specializes in surgery of heart and large blood vessels
clinical treat disease with medicine
DO academic degree for graduate of osteopathic medical school
dermatologist one who specializes in study of skin
dermatology study of skin
diagnostic medical sonography diagnosis through a picture of sound
diplomate board certified
emergency medicine medicine for acutely ill or trauma patient
emergency medicine specialist one who specializes in emergency medicine
endocrinology study of endocrine system
endocrinologist one who specializes in study of endocrine system
FACM Fellow, American College of Medicine
FACOG Fellow, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
FACS Fellow, American College of Surgeons
F.B.C.S. Fellow, British College of Surgeons
family medicine general practice
family physician one who specializes in family medicine
fellow member of specialty organization called a college
forensic pathology study of disease used in legal proceedings
gastroenterology study of gastrointestinal system
gastroenterologist one who specializes in study of gastrointestinal system
general surgery surgery on adult
general surgeon one who specializes in general surgery
geriatrics study of elderly
gerontologist one who specializes in study of elderly
gynecologist one who specializes in gynecology
gynecology study of reproductive system in non-pregnant women
hematologist one who specializesin study of blood and lymph
hematology study of blood and lymph
infectious disease disease caused by pathogenic microorganism
infectious disease specialist one who specializes in disease caused by infection
intern advanced student who assists in hospital
internal medicine medicine relatedto adult
internist one who specializes in internal medicine
interventional radiology medicine using x-rays, magnetic fields
MD "Medicinae Doctor"
neonatologist one who specializes in study of newborn
neonatology study of newborn
nephrologist one who specializes in nephrology
nephrology study of kidney
neurologist one who specializes in the nervous system
neurology study of nervous system
neurosurgeon specialist in surgery of neurological system
neurosurgery surgery of nervous system
nuclear medicine branch of medicine using x-ray, sound waves and magnetic fields
obstetrician one who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth
obstetrics study of pregnancy and childbirth
oncologist one who specializes in study of cancer
oncology study of cancer
ophthalmology study of eye
ophthalmologist one who specializes in study of eye
orthopedic surgery surgery of musculoskeletal system
orthopedic surgeon one who specializes in surgery of musculoskeletal system
otolaryngology study of ear, larynx, head, neck, tracheobronchial tree and esophagus
pathologist one who studies disease
pathology study of disease
pediatric cardiologist one who studies heart and blood vessels in a child
pediatric dermatologist one who studies skin of a child
pediatric hematologist one who studies blood and lymph of a child
pediatric oncologist one who studies cancer in a child
pediaric surgery surgery on a child
pediatrician one who specializes in study of children
pediatrics study of children
perinatology subspecialty of obstetrics
peripheral vascular surgery surgery on outlying blood vessels
plastic surgery surgery concerned with reconstruction
preventive medicine study and practice which aims to preven disease
preventive medicine specialist one who practices preventive medicine
psychiatrist one who specializes in study of emotions and biochemical imbalances
psychiatry study of emotions and biochemical imbalances
pulmonary medicine branch of medicine concerned with lungs
pulmonary medicine specialist one who specializes in study of lungs
radiation therapy therapy using x-rays and sound waves
radiation therapist one who specializes in radiation therapy
radiologist one who specializes in use of x-rays
radiology study of use of x-rays, sound waves
dianostic radiology radiology used to diagnose
rehabilitaton medicine branch of medicine concerned with restoration of form and function after illness
rehabilitation mediine specialist one who specializes in rehabilitation medicine
resident licensed physician who practices under guidance of experienced specialist
rheumatology study of joints and immune system
rheumatologist one who specializes in rheumatology
specialist physician who limits practice to one organ system
specialization act of specializing
specialize focus on one area or organ
specialty area of focus
sports medicine field of medicine concerned with injuries sustained in athletic endeavors
subspecialty a particular area of specialty
surgical pertaining to surgery
surgical oncology surgery on tumors
surgical oncologist one who performs surgery for tumors
thoracic surgery surgery on chest
thoracic surgeon one who performs chest surgery
transplant surgery surgery to transfer one part to another
urologist one who specializes in urology
urology study of urinary and male reproductive system