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Sudden Infant Death Syndrom

sudden infant death syndrome SIDS, under 1yr that remains unexplained after; acomplete autopsy, a death scene investigation, and a review of medical hx
typical findings lack of specific disease process on autopsy, evidence of a struggle, presence of frothy bld tinged secreations in the mouth and nose, no report of hearing a cry, hx of recent mild resp illness
risk factors time of year= winter, time of day= during sleep, exp to passive smoke, hx of cyanosis, resp distress, irritability, or poor feeding the newborn nursery
familial factors maternal age less than 20, smoking or illicit drug use, anemia during preg, multiple pregs and short interval bt pregnancies, low socio-economic status; crowding, poor prenatal care/ low birth weight gain AND HX OF SIBING WITH SIDS OR HX OF A PREVIOUS EP
Nursing managment foucous on the family
missed SIDS monitoring equipment: apna alarm, brady alarm , loose lead alarm
Created by: meinmethoo