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NMBH Development

Development and Industrialization Vocabulary

India used the ____________ by limiting the number of transnational corporations that owned businesses in their county and placing high taxes on imported goods to promote the purchasing of Indian product. Their goal was to make all sectors grow. Balanced Growth or Self-Sufficiency Model of Development
Countries where their people have well over their daily alloted amounts of these are most likely MDCs, less than are LDCs. Calorie consumption
Pattern of distribution of MDCs and LDCs. The ______________ explains that MDC are the world's markets and mostly lie in the Northern Hemisphere. LDCs are the world's producers and mostly lie in the Southern Hemisphere. Core-periphery model
A similarity for ________________ could be acculturation. Cultural Convergence
According to the _____________The ratio of the number of people under 15 or over 64 to the number in the labor force is usually higher in LDCs. Dependency theory
The improvement in material conditions of a place as a result of diffusion of technology and knowledge Development
The high____________ of MDCs was not a problem until now because LDCs are developing and requiring more oil and electric than before. Energy consumption
Investment in the economies of LDCs by transnational corporations based in MDCs Foreign direct investment
Costa Rica is a leader in _____________, where visitors will stay is rainforest cabannas rather than five star resorts in busy urban areas. Ecotourism
Total value of goods and services produced in a year in a given country Gross domestic product
Encourages fair wages, unionization, and environmental and safety standards for workers in the LDCs. Fair Trade
Cumulative index of development, which takes into account economic, social and demographic factors, using GDP, literacy and education, and life expectancy Human Development Index
compares level of development of women to that of men by using measures such as literacy rates, GDP per capita, and heath care to so show standard of living discrepancies. Gender-Related Development Index
compares the ability of women and men to to participate in economic and political decision making by looking at percentage of women in top professional and political roles Gender Empowerment Measure
______________ relates to the idea that MDCs continue to control the economic fate of LDCs by funding their development either through the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, or Transnational Corporations, keeping wages low and development limited. Neocolonialism
NAFTA follows the _____________ beleiving that the best way for LDCs to develop is through utilizing their natural resources and opening their countries to transnational corporations. International Trade Model of Development
To better compare MDCs to LDCs in terms of income, this measure takes into account price differences between countries. Purchasing power parity
Agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico to limit and abolish barriers to trade between these three countries. Has lead to industrial growth in Mexico. North Atlantic Free Trade Association
Under ___________, any new capabilities discovered through a federal grant must be made available to everyone, so all can benefit from this new information, improving business in all sectors of the economy. Technology transfer
According to __________, price and demand for land increases the closer you get to the main city. Bid rent theory
Industrial arrangement of machines, equipment, and workers for a continuous flow of work to piece together the final product (AKA assembly line operations), each movement of material is made as simple and short as possible Fordism
Benefits or advantages (savings, cost reductions, etc.) resulting from the spatial clustering of activities and/or people Agglomeration economies
Linear theory of development that countries go through a common pattern of structural change once they decide to trade internationally to increase revenue. Rostow’s “Stages of Growth” Model
Important US product for packaging, transportation, and construction. Shows the imporance of locating your factory close to cheap energy. Aluminum industry
According to the ___________, industry’s primary concerns are the cost of transportation. Weber Model
Industry whose final product weighs less than the inputs Bulk-Reducing industry
Industry whose final product weighs more than the inputs Bulk-gaining industry
States people cannot be forces to join a union as a condition of employment Right to Work Laws
Factories that are located in Mexico, near the US border to take advantage of the cheap labor in Mexico and a close proximity to US markets Maquiladora
Manufacturer controls every aspect of production Vertical Integration
Turns certain parts of production over to independent suppliers in order to take advantage of optimal locations for certain industries in terms of labor costs, education necessary, and proximity to market Outsourcing
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