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Mr. Stickler's 6th Grade "A Century of Turmoil" unit flash cards.

Name three causes of World War II. 1.) Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. 2.) Germans forced to pay damages for World War I; caused a terrible economic depression. 3.) Adolf Hitler began creating an army & navy - direct violations of the World War I peace treaty.
What is a "spillover"? A "spillover" is "the positive or negative impact of an activity on the well-being of a third party".
What is a "harmful spillover"? A situation where creating or using something that is helpful to a person (or to larger groups like cities, counties, states, or nations) creates a harmful effect for a third-party.
Give 1 example of a "harmful spillover". One example could be opening a new business or factory. While it brings jobs to the local economy, the factory creates runoff that goes into streams and lakes. People in other counties are impacted by the pollution they didn't make!
What is a "helpful spillover"? A situation where creating or using something creates a benefit for some other person, group, city, etc. that isn't directly involved in making or using it in the first place.
Give 1 example of a "helpful spillover". An example of a helpful spillover is getting an education. The student gets the benefits of having an education (i.e. having more knowledge, getting into college, or getting the job they want) while society gets the benefits of their skills.
What does the word "genocide" mean? Genocide is the attempt to completely wipe out an entire national, political, racial, or cultural group.
What does the word "Holocaust" mean? Genocide is "the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during world War II". (from Dictionary.com)
What were the names of the two Japanese cities where atomic bombs were dropped during World War II? Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
Why did the president order the atomic bombs to be dropped during world war II? He said it was to "prevent the loss of thousands - and possibly millions - of lives" if the United States had to invade the Japanese mainland.
Name three characteristics of living in the trenches on the front lines during World War I. 1.) Soldiers lived, ate, and slept in the dirt and mud. 2.) Soldiers were vulnerable to animals and parasites such as body lice and rats. 3.) Soldiers often got diseases from living day in and day out in the wet trenches (ex: "Trench Foot" ).
Give 1 example of a way that military technology advanced as a result of fighting World War I. The Germans created chemicals to kill or severely injure their opponents; as a result, the United States created gas masks (which are now used in places other than war zones).
Who was the last czar of Russian? The last czar was Nicholas II.
What does the word "armistice" mean? Armistice" means "cease fire".
How did the Russian Revolution start? The Russian Revolution started when former serfs became very poor & their condition did not improve. In 1900 they organize & the czar steps down (he & his family killed in 1917). those still loyal to czar start war vs. Communists.
Who took control of Russia when Czar Nicholas II stepped down from power? Rebel leader Vladimir Lenin. Lenin introduces the Communist system of government.
What is "Communism"? "A theory or system of social organization where the people hold all property in common, actually, the government or community owns all property. (dictionary.com)
During World War II, what countries made up the Allies? Russia, Great Britain, and the United States. (There were more than 20 in all; these are the main three).
During World War II, what countries made up the Axis powers? Germany, Italy, & Japan. (Same as with the Allies - there were actually more than 3.)
What were "concentration camps"? These were large prison camps set up by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Hitler ordered that all Jews (plus other groups like Catholics, the mentally & physically handicapped, and gypsies) be forced to leave their homes and be imprisoned in these camps.
About how many Jews were killed in German concentration camps? About 5 million Jews were killed.
What were the nicknames given to the days when hostilities ended during World War II? "VE" - or "Victory Europe" day (May 8, 1945); and "VJ" - or "Victory Japan" day (September 2, 1945). "VE" Day marks the day that Germany surrendered to the Allied Powers.
When did the United States enter World War II? After Japan bombed the U. S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Japan (Dec. 7, 1941).
How did World War I begin? WW I began with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria - Hungary.
In today's world, we use technology every day. List two consequences of using an iPod (one positive and one negative). A positive consequence is that it provides entertainment. A negative consequence is that it can cause hearing loss if turned up too loud or used for too long.
What does the word "nationalism" mean? Extreme loyalty or devotion to one's country". (Dictionary.com)
Where was the treaty signed that created the "armistice" that ended World War I? Versailles, France. (The treaty is called the Treaty of Versailles.)
Where was the treaty that ended World War II signed? On board the United States battleship the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay.
Name three ways that nations are cleaning up the environment to make it safer for humans. 1.) They are starting recycling programs, 3.) launching "reduce, recycle, reuse" type of campaigns, and 3.) increasing funding for the development of biofuels and electric cars (that have low pollution output).
Created by: sticklerpjpII