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Which lab department may require special patient identification? Blood Bank
Reasons for specimen recollection include? inadvertent puncture of an artery
Conditions that may alter the quality of a specimen or cause harm to the patient during a blood draw include edematous, mastectomies, and hematomas
When performing a butterfly draw using a hand vein, place the tourniquet; on the patient's arm below the antecubital fossa
Povidone iodine is not recommended for dermal punctures
These to things are Incorrect more blood may be needed from newborns to provide enough serum or plasma for testing and Newborns have higher proportion of plasma compared with adults
Which gauge needle is best to use for a draw on a child younger than 2 years? 23 or 25
Which lab test assays jaundice? bilirubin
Jaundice means yellowing of the skin
Neonatal screenign test fro which disorders are mandated by the United States? PKU and hypothyroidism
Samples for PKU testing are typically collected on special filter paper
Blood should never be collected from the area of a patient containing? an AV shunt
An arm containing _________ is never used for phlebotomy procedures? a fistula
Timed specimens are most frequently collected to monitor? medication levels
Hyperglycemia means increased glucose
For a 3 hour OGTT, how many samples will be collected? 4
Blood cultures collection invovles an aerobic and anaerobic sample
Which specimen requires chilling during transfer to the lab? ammonia
It is neccesary for a patient to fast for 12 hours befores glocose tolerance test
Specimens that are sensitive to light include vitamin A, beta-carotene, and bilirubin
Which urine test is most commonly used to determine pregnancy? First morning
Which of the following samples may not be used for a C&S? Random
A 72 hour stoll specimen is collected to determine? fat quantities
The following specimens are always collected be a physician except NP cultures
Hemolysis can be minimized by: immediate separation of cells from plasma or serum
Infant bilirubin are transported in amber-colored microtubes
Once a cap is removed from a blood tube, the pH: may increase
Which of the following can be centrifuged immediately after collection? sodium citrate tubes
What is the 1st thing when ID the Pt? check arm band
All of the following are assigned to a specimen name of collector of the specimen, specimen type, name of person deposting specimen in the lab.
Fasting specimens should be collected 8-12 hours after eating
The phlebotomist usually has complete control over all of the following variables except patient preparation
No more than ______ should elapse between the time a specimen is collected and the time the serum or plasma is separated from formed elements 2 hours
Four elements of negligence are duty, dereliction, injury, direct care
the phlebbotomist's duties and performance level should be outlined in the: policies and procedure manual
When a phlebotomist breaches the duty of care to a patient, this is known as dereliction
_________ are the basis for most medical malpractice suits. unintentional torts
The phlebotomist has a legal responsibility to maintain the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship, maintain patient confidentiality, follow standard of care.
What point of care test can be used to monitor heparin therapy? ACT or APTT
What test can provide valuable information regarding whether a patient has experienced a myocardial infarction? Cardiac troponin T
Determination of HCG is used to evaluate prenancy
What type of specimen is used for the occult blood test? Feces
For a POCT program to be successful which of the following must be incorporated? adherence to the manufactur's insturctions, use of quailty assurance and quality control procedures, proper and adequate training of all personnel
As written in the patient's bill of right, the patient has the right to refuse treatment, not participate in experimental procedures, know the name of the phlebotomist
Certification is evidence that the phlebotomist has demonstrated proficiency in the area of blood drawing
personal protection equipment must be provided by the employer
What PPE must a phlebotomist wear when performing a skin or venipuncture? Gloves
Under HIPPA, protected health information is defined as Any part of a patient's health information that is linked to information that identifies the patient.
Employers must provide vaccinations against_______ free of charge Hep-b
Which of the following would be a reason for rejection of a specimen by the lab? AN ESR has been collected in a red topped tube
A specimen may be rejected be the lab if the tube was not initaled, the blood is hemolyzed, the tube was not transported properly
________ is the most important step in phlebotomy and other testing procedures Properly ID the Pt
When an admitted patient is not wearing an ID band the phlebotomist must contact the nursing station and request an ID band be placed on the patient.
Most tubes containing additieves should be inverted 5-8 times
The additive within the lavender-topped tube is EDTA
the green topped tube contains Heparin
the glass red tube contains no additive
Which of the following tubes would hold a glucose specimen for 24 hours? Gray tube
In which tube would a phlebotomist collect an erythrocyte sedimentation rate? lavender tube
Coagulation studies includes all of the following prothrombin time, partial thromboplastin time, and platelet function
a blood donation given be a pt for use during thier own surgical procedure is called autologous donation
Why should a glass red topped tube be drawn before a green topped tube? Since there are no additives in the red topped tube, it cannot contaminate the green topped tube.
which of the following is false for blood culture collection? must be collected in the red and marbled topped tube, tourniquet is not used for blood culture collection
chilling a specimen will maintain the stability of the specimen during transport
Specimens for which of the following test must be kept chilled? Ammonia, pyruvate, and lactic acid
When labeling tubes all of the following information must be placed on them pt name, date, time of draw, phleb's initials
the depth of a heel puncture cannot exceed 2.0 mm
The tourniquet is placed________above the site of draw 3-4 inches
A phlebotomist must inspect the needle for burrs, expiration date, bevel facing up
which of the following are correct for ending the phlebotomy procedure? Remove the tourniquet, remove tube, place gauze,remove needle, apply pressure, discard needle in sharps container.
The most commonly occuring complication in phlebotomy is hematomas
When collecting blood from a child, the phlebotomy should consider the psychological aspect of the draw, log the amount of blood collected to avoid depletion, and collect dermal punctures whenever possible.
What does the phlebotomist look for when identifying a newborn? The first and last name on the ID band and the hospital identification number and the last name.
when a pt has a highly contagious disease they are placed in strict isolation
an infection is the invasion and growth of a pathogen
The primary function of a RBC is to carry hemoglobin
the liquid protion of blood is plasma and serum
The vein most subject to venipuncture is the median cubital
The aorta is the major artery
anatomy is the structure of the human body
the main function of the kidney is the filtering of waste from blood
compared to arteries,veins have thinner walls, carry blood under low pressure, and may be closer to the surface of the skin
What are the three veins most used when doing a venipuncture? median, cephalic, basilic
what are the materials and equipment needed to do a venipuncture? needles, needle disposal containers, needle holder, collection tube, syringe, winged infusion set, marking pen, tourniquets, antiseptic cleaning solution, gauze pads,bandages, gloves
What order are the tubes without blood cultures red, blue, green, lavender, gray
What is the definition of Phlebotomy? to draw blood
PPE Personal protection equipment
OSHA occupational safety and health administation
HIPAA health insurance and portablility and accountibility act
JCAHO Joint commission on accredation of healthcare organization
CEU continuing education units
What is the number on word that describes what we need to work with sick people? compassion
If a pt has an IV in the midforarms of both arms where would you draw the blood? below the IV
If you were in the ER and a trama comes inand they need lab to draw the blood with out ID on what would you do? draw blood and keep all collection in hand until pt is ID
How many times are you allowed to attemped a venipuncture? 2
are you allowed to recap a needle no
what is a hematoma dry blood collecting under the skin
what is the charge if you force a pt to have blood drawn against thier will? assault and battery
how many time do you wash your hands during a procedure 2 times
accreditation certificate cources
hemophiliac bleeding disorder
petechiaie red spot caused by tourniquet
burr hook, jagged edges
chain of infection source, means of tranmission, susceptible host
hematology dept lavender CBC
chemistry Green CMP and BMP
Mircobiology blood cultures aerobic and anarobic
blood bank 2 red 2 lrg lavender
how long do you leave a tourniquet on 1 minute
do you introduce yourself when you enter a room yes
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