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Lesson 17

Lesson 17/Tissues

/vascular relating to a vessel system
/ceps head
/gen to produce or create
penta/ five
/poietic (adjective) relating to the process of formation
oct/o eight
adipose relating to fat
areol/o containing little spaces
areolar relating to containing little spaces
avascular lacking blood supply
basement membrane holds tissue in place
coll/a glue
collagen glue-like fibers in connective tissue
column/o column shaped
columnar cells shaped like a column
com/ with, con/ before m or p
cub/o cube shaped
cuboidal relating to cube shaped
elat/o elastin
elastic relating to elastin
elastin major connective tissue protein
endocrine secrete within
epitheli/o surface tissue
epithelia surface tissues
epithelial relating to epithelium
epethelium tissue that covers every surface of the body
exocrine secretes without
fibr/o fiber, containing fiber
fibrous relating to fiber
flex/o flexion, bending a joint
hematopoiesis blood forming
hematopoietic relating to blood-forming tissue
hy/o hyaline cartilage
hyaline type of cartilage in larynx
involuntary not done by will
marrow soft tissue of bone
matrix, matrices connective tissue cells secrete and float in this substance
striated striped
neuron tissue cell of nervous system
neuronal relating to nervous tissue cells
osse/o bone
osseus relating to bone
osteoporosis condition of reduced bone mass
poi/e forming, making
por/o hollow
skelet/o skeleton
reticular a fine network formed by cells or pertaining to or resembling a net
skeletal relating to the skeleton
skeleton bony framework of body
squam/o disk-shaped cells
squamous cells that are flat disks
stratified more than one layer
tendons fibrous tissue
vascul/o vessel
volunt/o by choice or by will
voluntary control by choice or will