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Geo terms 3

Geo part 3

Dalai LamaacculturationassimilationFirst Wave Prior to Civil WarSecond Wave (After Civil War)3rd Wave4th Wave
spitual head of Vajrayana form of buddhism emphasizes universal compassion and goal of budahood has vast array of spiritual disaplines adopting enough of the "host society" so that someone of a minority ethnicity can function in soceity both economically and socialy complete blending with the majority of culture invovling the lose of essentially all distinctive ethnic Germans and czechs fleeing repression Poles first arrived after the civil war and became the city's largest ethnic group by 1900s Immigrants from southern and eastern Europe flocked to work in the city's growing industry the world war weakened the German American culture and the same time that defense plants brought in many African American southerners
head of Tibetan state (blank) (blank) Germans made up 35% of the population in 1880 were mainly skilled artisans and merchants bu some were doctors and bankers The suficent polish side retained a strong sense of identity. Milwaukee is still one of the largest polish centers in the US italians moved into formerly Irish downtowm areas Many Mexicans and Puerto Ricans also moved to Milwaukee
currently in exile in india (blank) (blank) many irish were grocers or railroad workers (blank) (blank) (blank)
Won noble Peace Prize in 1989 (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank) (blank)
Created by: wiestab
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