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reverse definitions

Digestive system

hepatic disorders serum bilirubin
gallstone cholelith
mucous membrane ulcer
cecum vermiform appendix
bad breath halitosis
GI tract melana
chewing mastication
chronic liver disease cirrhosis
eating disorder anorexia nervosa
enlargement of liver hepatomegaly
excessive fat steatorrhea
extreme constipation obotipation
gas passes borborygmus
inflammation of stomach gastritis
lower small intestine ileum
painful swallowing dysphagio
watery feces diarrhea
pertaining to abdomen celiac
pertaining to cheek buccal
pertaing to tongue lingual
salivary gland sialolthiasis
destroys stones lithotripsy
progressive wave peristalsis
protrusion of an organ hernia
radiographic record cholecystogram
solids or fluids regurgitation
rupture spleen splenorrhexis
second division jejunum
surgical opening enterostomy
surgical joining anastomsis
surgical repair lip cheiloplasty
swallowing air aerophagio
test on fecel matter occult blood
outlet of the rectum anus
to eat ingest
mouth or anus endoscopy
vomiting of blood hematemesis
white patches,mucous leukoplakia
yellowing of skin jaundice
absence of hydrochloric achlorhydic
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