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Core II: wk 6

Middle Ages Quiz 3

Abbasid dynasty House of wisdom - paper factory, library, study center
Al-Hasin Discribed vision and parts of the eye - father of modern optics
Prophetic Medicine Holistic & Spiritual medicine - The Karan
Al-Kindi/Alkindus Philosopher of the Abrabs, astronomer, physician, mathematician, physicist, and geographer. He also was an expert in music.
Al-Rhazi/Rhazes Greatest Doctor of Islam-discribed small pox and measles
Abu Ali Sina/Avicenna He is prince of doctors. Studied pulse and urine to dx.
Shifa Book of healing - based on Aristotelian tradition.
The cannon of medicine Most famous book in medicine. 4 Causes - material, effecient, formal,final
El Zahrawi/Albucasis Father of surgery (cautery and bloodletting)and wrote encyclopedia Al-tasrif
Al-Tasrif Encyclopedia of medicine.
The Battle of Europe - Battle b/t Islam & Christianity
Charles Martel "The Hammer" King of Franks; Leader of Christianity; Halted Muslim advances
The Battle of Tours / Battle of Poitiers famous victory over the Muslim
The Role of the Catholic Church Center of life in Europe
Holy Roman Empire European political entity led by Charlemagne (Charles the Great)
Charlemagne (Charles the Great) unified Western Europe; "be baptized or die"
Christmas Day, 800 beginning of holy empire
Alcuin of York, Chief advisor to the Emperor literacy to improve worship; standardized prayer; spread Christainity
Beowulf English epic poem
Architecture Romanesque style castles and churches; gothic
Courtly Love – midevil literature; empowering women as objects of worship 7 deadly sins
Guilds – central social unit
Monasteries havens for travlers, homeless, learning; pharmacy, hosp
The Rule of Saint Benedict monks live in family style "schooled in religious perfection
infirmary ???
Universities ???
Medical Education ???
Salerno – ???
“doctor”- ???
Women - ???
Montpellier ???
Famous medical practitioners ???
Trotula – ???
Hildegard of Bingen – ???
Vademecum – ???
Apothecaries – ???
Uroscopy – ???
Urine Chart - ???
Barber Surgeons – ???
Bloodletting- ???
Leeching ???
Hospes / Hospital – ???
The Church’s Contribution TO Hospital– ???
Hospital of Santa Maria della Scalla – ???
Saint Dymphna – ???
Geel Hospital – ???
Saint Mary of Bethlehem Hospital (bedlam) – ???
The Black Death – ???
“Greatest natural disaster to have struck Europe” ???
Bubonic, Pneumonic, and Septicemic – ???
Bubonic plague attacks – ???
Plague Doctors - ???
Scapegoat for the plague (in the Middle Ages) – ???
Plague today – ½ of all cases ???
Leprosy ???
Kissing a leper – ???
Leprosy / Hansen’s Disease ???
Leprosy Today - ???
Humors / Bodily Fluids Rhazes corrected Galen on the theory of humors
Diet, Medicine, and Phlebotomy in Europe in Middle Ages ???
Arab Christians- ???
Cosmas and Damian- Christian physicians and martyrs. Twins born in Arabia, great reputation for their skills, accepted no pay for their services and therefore called"the silverless". They were arrested, tortured, finally beheaded
Islamic expansion- ???
Tolerance - ???
What percentage of today’s Muslims live in Arab countries? 20%
The Golden Age of Islam The Arab World contributed greatly to modern science, medical science and mathematics during the Golden Age of Islam.
Islam Contributions ???
Islamic culture - ???
Harun al-Rashid ???
Caliph Al- Mamun - ???
Al-Khwarizimi - father of algebra (zero)
Zero placeholder for 9 symbols of numbers
Advances Made in Islamic Medicine - -Phys and pharms required to pass exams before treating patients.  -They setup hospitals w/ areas for trauma cases, today's emergency rooms.  -Physicians developed tx for cataracts, herbal remedies, and adept tx injuries -Pharm 1st rx sweet to take
Al-Idrisis - Travler and studied medicinal plants; wrote book
The Qur’an (Karan) Muslim scriptures: the direct word of god as revealed to Muhammad. It tells how Muslims should live and gives advice on marriage, divorce, inheritance, and business. It says that good muslims should eat no pork or liquor, and never gamble.
Pharmaceuticals commonly used in Islamic medicine ???
Gundishapur Hospital (Jundi Shapur) – Modern hospital, in that patients went there to be cured-not to die or to be prayed over
Audidi Hospital – Pieces of meat hung in areas of the city and watched were purification was the slowest and least-best spot! drs and specialists on staff ‘like a great castle’ with water supply from the Tigris and all appurtenances of Royal Palaces.
Mansuri Hospital - largest hospitals ever built nobody was ever turned away
Continens Liber ???
Pharmacology - -Camphor-stimulant & anti-inflammatory -Musk-antispasmodic, reduce pain & swelling. -Aloe-skin irritations, ingest as lax & purg -Amber-pain amulet reduce neck or headaches -Syrupus acetosa-antiseptic -Aqua Rosa-astringent, carrier for medications.
Moses Maimonides – ???
Ibn Al-Nafis – ???
Pulmonary circulation – ???
Yunani Medicine - ???
Created by: ahodson