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Wk5 multi choice

Week 5 multple choice

Spongy porous bone tissue is also called Cancellous bone
Outward extension of the shoulder bone is the Acromion
An opening or passageway in bones where blood vessels and nerves enter and leave is a Foramen
The projection of the temporal bone is the Mastoid process
A natural outgrowth, projection, or appendage: a process of a bone. Process
Knuckle-like process at the end of a bone is called a Condyle
Mandible, vomer, maxilla and zygomatic are all bones of the Face
Occipital, sphenoid, frontal, temporal and ethmoid are bones of the Cranium
The shaft of a long bone is called a(an) Diaphysis
Poor formation of bone is called Osteodystrophy
Slipping or subluxation of a vertebra is Spondylolisthesis
operation performed to relieve the symptoms of a slipped disk (Spondylolisthesis) Laminectomy
Lateral curvature of the spinal column Scoliosis
Vitamin D deficiency leads to softening bone, which is known as Osteomalacia
Pertaining to the upper arm bone Humeral
The shoulder bone is the Scapula
The smaller of the two lower leg bones is called the Fibula
Inflammation of bone and bone marrow is Osteomyelitis
Clubfoot Talipes
A splintered or crushed bone Commuted fracture
Surgical repair of a joint Arthroplasty
Condition of stiffening and immobility of a joint Ankylosis
Chronic inflammation of bones and joints due to degenerative changes in cartilage Osteoarthritis
Inflammation of joints caused by excessive uric acid accumulation Gouty arthritis
Malignant tumor of smooth muscle Leiomyoma
Wasting away of (no development) of muscle Atrophy
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