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Wk5 matching

Week 5 matching exercise

Disorder of the joints, commonly those of the feet Gout
Abnormal bone formation, due to a lack of Vitamin D Rickets
Caused by bacterial infection. Inflammation of the bone marrow. Osteomyelitis
Abnormal bone growth Tumors
Inflammation of bone and cartilage Osteochondritis
Common joint disorder, marked by pain and swelling Arthritis
Inflammation of fluid filled sacs Bursitis
Loss of bone density Osteoporosis
Consists of bones and other structures that make up the joints of the skeleton The skeletal system
Mucous lined cavities Paranasal Sinuses
Bones of the arms, legs, shoulders and pelvic girdles Appendicular skeleton
Permit compression of infant during birth Fontanels
Needed for calcium absorption Vitamin D
Ribs, pelvic bone and cranial bones Flat bones
Arms and legs Long bones
Function of the skeleton Protects internal organs
Skull, vertebral and rib cage Axial Skeleton
Immovable joints between bones Sutures
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