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SC 7-6.2 Cold War Conflicts

hot spot an area with a lot of tension and where fighting could break out at any time
Iron Curtain the term for an invisible political line between Communist and Democratic nations (BERLIN WALL)
de-Stalinization reducing the use of terror and releasing millions of political prisoners
space race when the United States and the Soviet Union competed with one another to conquer outer space
nuclear annihilation when nuclear weapons would be used to annihilate, or completely destroy something
Great Leap Forward a five-year economic plan to industrialize China, resulted in wide hunger and starvation
communes where existing collective farms are combined into huge farms where up to 30,000 people live and work together
Cultural Revolution introduced in an effort to rid China of communist opposition
Red Guard revolutionary groups in China made up of mostly young people destroying "old culture, old ideas, old customs, old habits"
Four Modernizations new policies in China for industry, culture, science, technology and defense
domino theory a potential thread that described if one country fell to Communism, other countries would fall
Geneva Accords an agreement that divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel into Communist and non-Communist governments
blockade a close off set up by the navy to stop supply delivery
Mao Zedong (Chairman Moa) first leader of Communist China
John F. Kennedy U.S. President i n the early 60's during Cold War incidents in Cuba: Bay of PIgs & Cuban Missile Crisis/early Viet Nam War
Fidel Castro Communist dictator in Cuba
Nikita Khrushchev leader of Communist Party in Russia during Cold War incidents in Cuba
Bay of Pigs failed U.S. backed secret invasion intended to rid Cuba of Castro
Cuban Missile Crisis U.S. / Russian standoff concerning Russian Nuclear missiles placed in Cuba, 90 miles off coast of FL., within range of mainland U.S.A.
Ho Chi Minh Communist leader of North Viet Nam
Lyndon B. Johnson Vice President who became President after Kennedy's assignation/ Viet Nam War
Revolutions in Africa Nationalism and desire for self rule led African nations of rebel and rid themselves of British rule and seek independence. for financial and military support, some aligned themselves with U.S., others with Russia, other remained independent
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