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SC 7-6.1 E & W Europ

SC 7-6.1 Eastern Western and Europe

superpower a country that is superior in military strength than any other country
Cold War A war of ideals where the United States and the Soviet Union tried to gain influence in the world by using all possible methods short of total war.
United Nations replaced the League of Nations as a world peacekeeping organization
satellite states countries controlled by a more powerful nation
policy of containment a policy where the United States "contains" or holds back the spread of communism
Truman Doctrine President Harry S Truman's speech where he promised to stop the spread of communism worldwide
Marshall Plan pumped $13 bilion into the European region to help recovery from the war
occupation zones zones in Germany where each of the four Allied powers occupied a region with troops
Berlin Airlift where cargo planes filled with supplies kept the people of West Berlin alive for a year
NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization where the members had democratic, or freely elected governments
Warsaw Pact an alliance made up of countries with Communist governments
SEATO an anti-communist organization the Southeast Treaty Organization including the United States, Great Britain, France, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, & New Zealand
CENTO the Central Treaty Organization that had six members (Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Great Britain, & the United States) to block the spread of Communism in the Mid-East
EEC the European Economic community
free-trade area where members of the EEC agreed not to place tarrifs, or taxes on imports of goods sold by member states
General George C. Marshall Had the idea to help Europe recover from the war to keep them from Communism
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