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SC 7-The Holocaust

SC 7 The Holocaust

Nuremberg laws laws that robbed German Jews of their citizenship and banned marriage between Jews and other Germans
genocide the killing of a people from the same racial, political, or cultural group
Einsatzgruppen special strike forces set up by Nazi leaders to eliminate the Jewish population
concentration camps prison camps intended for the Jewish people including Buchenwald and Dachau
death squads Acted as mobile killing units. They followed advancing armies into places like the Soviet Union where they rounded up Jews in villages, shot them, and buried them in mass graves.
death camps The Nazis sent Jews in captured countries to camps built for the purpose of murdering them. In these camps, men, women, and children died in gas chambers.
crematoriums huge ovens where Jewish remains were burned
liberate to free
Holocaust the planned destruction of the Jewish people in Europe, 6 million died including at least 1 million children
Shoah The Hebrew word for the Holocaust. It means "catastrophe"--an extreme loss or ruin.
war crimes violations of basic human rights
Nuremberg trials Nazis were tried for war crimes
Auschwitz in Poland, the largest death camp
Anne Frank Jewish teenager who kept a diary while in hiding for 2 years before being discovered
ghetto walled off area designated for the Jewish populations while Nazis were preparing to move them to concentration camps, and confiscating their homes and belongings
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