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White Term


White TermMeaning of Term
albumin/o albumin (protein)
bacteri/o bacteria
cyst/o bladder
cali/o calyx
calic/o calyx
glomerul/o glomerulus
nephr/o kidney
noct/o night
olig/o scanty, few
py/o pus
pyel/o renal pelvis
nyctal/o night
prostat/o prostate
ureter/o ureter
urethra/o urethra
nyct/o night
ur/o urine
vesic/o bladder
ren/o kidney
andr/o male
gynec/o female
balan/o glans penis
crytp/o hidden
epididym/o epididymis
orch/i testes
spermat/o sperm, spermatozoa
vas/o vas deferens (vessel duct)
vesicul/o seminal vesicle
vesic/o bladder
orchi/o testes
amni/o amnion (amnion sac)
cervic/o cervix
colp/o vagina
episi/o vulva
orchid/o testes
galact/o milk
gynec/o female
hyster/o uterus
lapar/o abdomen
labi/o lip, labia
uter/o uterus
men/o menses (menstruation)
mamm/o breats
oophor/o ovary
metri/o uterus
gonad/o sex glands (gonads)
aden/o gland
abort/o miscarry
agora- marketplace (fear of open spaces)
ovari/o ovary
nat/o birth
ov/o egg
perine/o perineum
salping/o tube (usually fallopian)
vagin/o vagina
vulv/o vulva
uter/o uterus (womb)
-genesis formation, production, origin
-iasis abnormal condition
-al, -ar pertaining to
-itis inflammation
-ectomy excision, removal
-algia pain
-cele herniation, hernia, swelling
-arche beginning
-cyesis pregnancy
-gravida pregnant woman
-para to bear (off spring)
-algesia pain
-salpinx tube (fallopian / eustachian)
-tocia childbirth, labor
-version turning
Juxta- beside, next to
peri- around
epi- above, on top
-tropia turning
hyper- excessive, above normal
hypo- deficiency, less than
poly- many, much
dys- difficult, bad, painful
a-, an- without, not
endo- within, in
lacti- milk
primi- first
multi- many, much
metr/o uterus measurement
lact/o milk
pen/o penis
-spasm twitching, involuntary contractions
-tomy incision
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhea discharge, flow
-scopy to view, visual examination
-scope instrument for examining
-lysis destruction, separation, loosening
-pathy disease
-epi above, upon, on top
-centesis surgical puncture
-physis growth
-ist specialist
log/o study of
-ism, -ia condition of
-iso same, equal
-iasis abnormal condition
-plegia paralysis
-osis abnormal condition
-ptosis drooping, sagging
-gram record, writting
-tripsy crushing
-oma tumor
-ptosis downward placement
-oid resembling
-penia decrease deficiency
-desis binding, fixation
-logist specialist in the study of
-logy study of
micr/o small
-ology study of
-schisis a splitting
-metry act of measurement
metr/o uterus (womb) measurement
mi/o smaller, less
muc/o mucus
log/o study of
micro- small
myx/o mucus
-rrhexis rupture
neo- new
-ectasis dilation, expanison
metri/o uterus (womb)
pseudo- false
gyn/o femail
nulli- none
pelv/i pelvis
peritone/o pertioneum
de- cessation
pelv/o pelvis
mega- enlargement
-us condition, structure
-esis condition
-ism, -sis state of condition
-pexy surgical fixation
-plasty plastic or surgical repair
-opsy view of ...
-ostomy creation of artificial opening
-pnea breathing
pyr/o fire
-tic, -ory, -itic pertaining to, relating to
-ar, -ial, -ary, -ac, -ic, -al pertaining to
-oid resembling
-er, -ician one who ....
in- in, not
spir/o breathing
-isy state of condition
pyr/o heat, fever, fire
sial/o saliva
puerper- childbirth
cauter/o heat, burn
onc/o tumor
aur/o ear
par/o to bear, labour, give birth to
-para to bear (off spring)
para- near, beside, beyond
auricul/o ear
son/o sound
-desis surgical fixation, fushion
pachy/o thick
home/o same, alike
cyt/o cell
idi/o unknown
tropia- turning
cyte- cell
homeo- same, alike
-opia vision
-plegia paralysis
-pexy put in place, fixation
-phagia eatting, swallowing
-phasia speech
phleb/o vein
-ptosis spitting
py/o pus
ven/o vein
tympan/o middle ear, eardrum
eosin/o rose, dawn coloured
retin/o retina
myel/o spinal cord
sulc/o groove
synaps/o point of contact
tachy- fast, rapid, swift
-trophy nourishment
sub- below, under
psych/o mind
syn- union, together, joined
schiz/o split
ment/o mind
xanth/o yellow
ton/o tone, tension, pressure
pachy/o thick
phren/o mind
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