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Kasey2004 Flashcards

Chapter 1

cardi heart
gastr stomach
arthr joint
dermat skin
hemat blood
leuk/o white
cyan/o blue or bluish
erythr/o red
melan/o black
xanth/o yellow
eosin/o red or rosy red
oid like or resembling
itis inflammation
megaly enlargement
ic pertaining to
logy study of
pathy disease
ectomy surgical removal or excision
ac pertaining to or like
papilla papillae
diagnosis diagnoses
apex apices
ganglion ganglia
atrium atria
bronchus bronchi
encephalopathy disease process of the brain
hematology study of blood
cardiopathy disease process of the heart
gastrectomy surgical removal of the stomach
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
dermatology study of skin
cardiac pertaining to the heart
gastric pertaining to the stomach
prefix term attached to the beginning of a medical term
suffix term attached to end of a medical term
combining vowel has no medical meaning, allows word elements to be joined, making pronunciation easier
root the building block of all medical terms
combining form the root plus the combining vowel
sub prefix meaning below or under
cardi/o heart
gastr/o stomach
arthr/o joint
dermat/o skin
hemat/o blood
iac pertaining to
al pertaining to or like
ar pertaining to or like
ary pertaining to or like
vertebra vertebrae
necrosis necroses
varix varices
ovum ova
viscus viscera
corpus corpora
Created by: Kasey2004