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reverse definitions


Absence of colour pollar
allergic reaction urticaria urticaria
ring worm tinea
abnormal growth neoplasm
baldness alopecia
biotherapy immunotherapy
blackhead comedo
brown pigmentation chlorasma
original site in situ
decubits ulcer bedsore
electrical current fulgration
spots in skin petichia
nail bed onychia
bacterial skin impetigo
loss of skin colour vitaligo
moles nevi
normal scarring cicatrix
noted at birth congenital
pink lesion psoriasis
planing or sanding dermabrasion
pus abscess
redness erythema
scrape abrasion
skin grafting dermaplasty
thickened scar keloid
thick skin pachyderma
foreign donar xenograft
tissue autograft
Adenopathy gland disease
Amastia absence of breast
Choroderma green skin
Dermatis inflammation of skin
Dermatology study of skin
Dermatotherapy skin treatment
Hemangioma benign tumor
Hidradenitis inflammation of swseat gland
Melanoma black tumor
Oncologist specialist in the study of tumors
Onchomalacia softening of the nail
Pediculosis abnormal condition of lice
Scleroderma hard skin
Steatorrhea dicharge of fat
Sudoresis condition of sweat
Theitis nipple(s)
Trichomycosis Abnormal condition of hair fungus
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