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MT Ch 11 Quiz

MT Ch 11 Reproductive System Quiz to page 275

gonads testes and ovaries
gynecology study of diseases of the female reproductive organs
gynecologist specialist in the study of diseases of the female reproductive organs.
vulvar pertaining to the external female genital structures
intrauterine within the uterus
extrauterine outside the uterus
cervical pertains to the neck or the cervix
endometrium lining of the uterus
myometrium thick muscular tissue of the uterus
perimetrium membrane that surrounds the uterus
ovulation production of ova
estrogen, progesterone hormones responsible for the development and maintenance of secondary sexual characteristics and preparation of the uterus for pregnancy
menopause end of a woman's reproductive period
menses menstruation, sloughing off of the endometrium that has been prepared to receive a fertilized ovum but is not needed
pap smear refers to collection and examinations of cells from the vagina and cervix
colposcopy visual examination of the vagina and cervix
laparoscopy visual examination of the abdominal cavity through one or more small incisions in the abdominal wall.
amenorrhea absence of menstrual flow when it is normally expected
dysmenorrhea painful menstruation
menorrhagia excessive flow during menstruation
metrorrhagia bleeding from the uterus at any time other than during the menstrual period
cystocele herniation or protrusion of the urinary bladder through the wall of the vagina
endometriosis condition in which tissue that somewhat resembles the endometrium is found abnormally in various locations in the pelvic cavity
endometritis inflammation of the endometrium
fistula abnormal, tubelike passage between two internal organs or between an internal organ and the body surface.
hysteroptosis prolapse of the uterus
oophoritis an inflamed condition of an ovary
ovarian carcinoma cancer of an ovary
vulvitis inflammation of the vulva
sterilization surgical pregnancy prevention, permanent. For example: vasectomy, tubal ligation
contraceptive used to prevent conception or pregnancy
spermicides placed in the vagina to kill sperm
in vitro fertilization method of ferilizing the ova outside the body by collecting mature ova and placing them in a dish with spermatozoa before placing them in the uterus for implantation.
dilation and curettage surgical procedure that expands the cervical opening so that the uterine wall can be scraped
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
oophorectomy surgical removal of one or both ovaries
tubal ligation sterilization by surgically binding or crushing the fallopian (uterine) tubes.
Created by: MrsSlagter