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Notes for Chapter 6

The notes handed out and taken (Hinduism and Buddhism)

Where did the name "Hindu" come from? A river was calle Sindhu. However, people misprounounced it as "Hinud"
What is the sound, "Om"? The sound heard in the deepest of meditaion. iT is the name of god.
What is a founder of Hinduism called? A rishi. THere are many rishis of Hinduism.
What are the two ways Hindus think of god of a person? As a person-Krishna, and as another person- Mother Goddess Durga.
Is ther just one way of thinking of God? There are 100s of ways. He is like fire, without shape.
How do we find god? By meditating hard and searching inside ourselves to find out who we truly are.
What is Atman? Our innermost self, God as all of us.
What does Namaste Mean? There is God in you.
Why should we respect everyone and everything? Because the same god is in all of us.
When we are reborn, what stays the same? Our character.
What life form are we reborn as? Usually, a higher life form.
What is the law of Karma? Whatever we do will produce results, and these results cannot be avoided.
Example of Law of Karma? If we work hard in school, we will become clever, and if we do bad things, we will be punished.
Can the Law of Karma be avoided? No. Good things will catch up with us, as well as bad things.
Ways to reach god. All religions are the same. No religion is better than another. This is called pluralism. we can use different ways to reach god.
What is worship? Any activity we do that takes us closer to god is a form of worship.
How to worship. There are no hare and fast rules about hw or when to pray, only some guidelines.
When do Hindus worship? Mostly at dawn and at dusk because these times are peaceful.
What is puja? Worship.
What is a Shrine? The place in the home where God is worshipped.
What is the Deity? The form of god being worshipped. A picture or statue of the deity is placed on a raised and decorated platform.
What does a lamp symbolize? It is lit to show that we want to go from darkness to light, meaning that we want to find God.
What does water symbolize? It may be sprinkled around the shrine for purity.
What do flowers symbolize? They may be offered to show that we are offering our heart of God.
Are fruit and food offered to God to offer thanks? Yes. The food becomes holy after worship. This food is then called Prashad, which is eaten by worshippers.
Why are Incense burnt? So that the sweet scent goes everywhere to remind us that God is everywhere.
Why are bells rung? To awaken the Detiy. It's sound can block out other sounds that are disturbing th puja.
What is a tilak? A mark made on the forehead when doing the worship ceremony. Hindus concentrate on the Tilak when they meditate, and it is made using red powder.
Are prayers and sacred scriptures read or sung during th Puja ceremony? Yes.
What is arti? The welcoming ceremony of god. Lamps are waved gently in front of the image and holy songs are sung.
What is camphor? It is burnt at the end of the Puja to show that we have to burn our pride.
What is the darshan of God? The sight of God.
What are the homes of God on earth? Temples. There are no rules aboout how or when to go to temple.
What do Hindus do at temple? They bring flowers and fruits, and other offerings. At the temple, they remove their shoes before entering.
What do the congregation sing? Bhajans.
What is Diwali? The celebration of the return of Rama and Sita from 14 years in the forest.
How is it celebrated? People light oil-lit lamps which are called diwa. They also visit relatives, have feasts, and arrange firework displays.
What else does Diwali celebrate? The day mother goddess destroyed a demon called Mahisha.
What does Navaratri celebrate? The victory of the Mother Goddess over evil. It lasts 9 days with dancing and singing around her image. Some grown ups fast to show their devotion.
What does Janmasthami celebrate? The birth of Sri Krishna.
What does amanavami celebrate? The birth of Sri Rama.
What does Raksha Bandhan celebrate? The special love and relationship between brothers and sisters.
WHat does Shivratri celebrate? The celebrations take place in the night to honour Lord Shiva.
What does Guru Purnim celebrate? Special relationship between student and teacher.
What does Holi celebrate? The arrival of spring. People sprinkle colored powder and water on each other.
What is yoga? To join together with god.
What is the real yoga called? Raja yoga and is the way to find Fod by meditation.
Similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism. Reincarnation. The cycle is called Samsara, which depends on your karma.
What are the 3 universal truths? Existence has 3 characteristics. Anitya, Duhkha, and Anatama.
What is Anitya? Nothing lasts forever. Everything changes. Existence is never the same for two moments.
What is Duhkha? Suffering. Suffering is everywhere-Pain, unhappiness, boredom, uncomfort, ole, death,and worn out possesions. Change is upsetting and causes suffering.
What is Anatma? No soul. There is no such thing as a soul. There is no one, unchanging thing that is a person, because everything changes.
How are the 3 truths linked? If we can overcome these, we can conquer suffering and be less self-centered.
Nirvana. It is not life, and not death. It is a state without suffering, greed, or anger. There is no rebirth. Nirvana is the goal of Buddhism.
What is suffering called? Duhkha. Thd 4 noble truths and the 8fold path will end suffering.
1st noble truth. Duhkha is everywhere, all the time
2nd noble truth Duhkha is caused by greed and selfishness
3rd noble truth Greed and selfishness can be ended
last noble truth The way to end Greed and selfishness is to follow the noble 8fold path.
Middle way. You cannot reach nirvana in luxury or in suffering. In between these two is the middle way.
Right understanding you must understand the 4 noble truths
right thought you must think about the kind of life you lead and make a commitment to live ina caring and unselfish way
right speech always speak in ways that are kind, truthful and not hurtful to yourself or other people
right action Behave in ways that respect living things, respect other people's property and feelings and respect yourself
right livelihood (job) Do a job that does not lead to harming others. Avoid trade in deadly weapons, animals for slaughter, slavery, intoxicants, and poisons.
right effort do your best to avoid bad things and do good things: make the effort to avoid evil, prevent evil, to do good to others, and to encourage good in others.
rith self awareness control your mind so that you can see things clearly:Be award of your own body and how you move, your feelings, your thoughts, and the world around you.
right meditation The Buddha gained enlightenment by meditation. So can you.
Dharma Dharma is the path of righteousness and living one's life according to the codes of conduct as described by the Hindu scriptures.
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