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Religion Chapter 7

poverty denies basic human rights
nearness of death poor people closer to death
marginalization deprivation, denial of full participation
living on the edge because they haveso little, it does not take much to make life worse for them
cycle of poverty the lack of basic resources creates barriers that prevent people from obtaining those resources
barriers of full development poverty prevents people from developing their potenial
Dr. Maslow proposed a theory of human motivation based on a hierarchy of human needs
chronic they never have enough food to give the body the nutrients needed to grow and maintain
starvation when the body does not recieve enough calories to maintain itself
malnutrition gets enough calories to prevent their body from feeding on itself
literally homeless without shelter
hidden homeless people whose poverty prevents them from living in true homes
affordable housing shortage more people work for less money, low costing houses have decreased
refugess people who are displaced from their homes by war or poitical presecution
ethnic cleansing vicitms of intenional attempts by political factions to displace specfic ethnic groups from their homes
resource extraction poor countries attempt to support their weak economies by exporting cash crops
government by the elite tend to favor the interests of wealthy, not poor
foreign aid problems offers small amounts to poorest nations
discrimination people judged for their background
conflict fueled by arms sales military spending by poor countries is encouraged by rich countries that make and sell weapons
debt crisis poor countries owe billions of loan repayments to banks and wealthy nations, and paying interest on these loans takes money from social programs that could eliminate poverty
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