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Ancient Egypt

What pharaoh ruled during the Old Kingdom? Khufu
What pharaoh ruled during the middle kingdom Sensuret
What two pharoahs ruled during the new kingdom? Hatshepsut and Ramses II
What is the benefit of living near a desert? Protection from enemies. Natural barrier
What is the Rosetta Stone named after? The town it was discovered in
Who is the god of the sun? Ra
Who is the god of the underworld Osiris
Who is the god of mummification Anubis
Who is the god of medicine Isis
What god is represented with an eye Horus
What is the order of social structure in Ancient Egyptian times? Pharaoh,government official/priests,scribes,artisans/merchants,peasants/slaves/farmers
What is Khufu famous for? The great pyramids at Giza
Where did Hatshepsut go on her trade expedition? Punt
What pharaoh ruled the longest? Ramses II
What did Sensuret build? The White Chapel
What did the Egyptians invent to write on? papyrus
What is Natron used for It is a salt used in mummification
What does a priest wear during mummification? A mask of Anubis
How many different forms of writing are on the Rosetta Stone? 3
Where was the Rosetta Stone found? In a village called Rosetta.
What direction does the Nile river flow South to North
What type of physical features is Egypt described as? A river valley civilization
What does an ankh stand for eternal life
Why was the Nile flooding a good thing? It left behind silt
Where did Egyptians bury their pharaohs? pyramids
What is a felluca Boat
What was papyrus used for? writing
Why did they use papyrus for everything? It was in their environment
Which was better writing on papyrus or writing on clay tablets? Papyrus
Why does the Nile river flow north Elevation from the mountains
Where is Egypt located Africa
Who was the first ruler of all of Egypt Narmer/Menes
the pyramids, papyrus with hieroglyphics and sarcophagus are examples of Primary or secondary sources primary sources
What two sources feed the Nile The White Nile and The Blue Nile
Why couldn't the Ancient Egyptians travel up the Nile past a certain point? The cataracts were to dangerous
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