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Test 1

Genesis 1:1-2:4b 1) creation of day and night 2) light ending in humanity 3) creation of humanity as single act 4) creation preceded by watery chaos 5) creator identified as God (Elohim) 6)choreographed
Genesis 2:4b-25 1) origin of humanity 2) creation of humanity precedes 3) man and woman are separate acts 4) pre-creation is dry desert-land being water 5) creator is identified as LORD God (Yahweh El) 6) seems to almost take place at once
J (Yahwist) name of Yahweh
E (Elohist) name of Elohim
P (Priestly) matters of worship
D (Deuteronomist) material found in present day book of Deuteronomy
Form Criticism study that allows us to see more clearly the social, cultural, and religious settings in which the bible is developed
Textual Criticism seeks to reconstruct the most likely original texts from a completed work
Source Criticism study of the resources used to write the Bible
Qumran ancient site where most of the Dead Sea scrolls were found
Liberation Criticism interpretation of biblical text based on an oppressed group
Mount Zion Jerusalem
Megilloth festival scrolls
Legend an account regarded as historical, but not verifiable
Redaction Criticism study of how traditions or sources are combined in the formation of the final work
archaeology study of human cultures through the disciplined investigation of their material remains
Gilgamesh King of Uruk
3 sections of Jewish bible Torah (law) Nevi'im (prophet) Ketuvim (writing)
The 4 Prophets 1) Joshua 2) Judges 3) Kings 4) Samuals
Judges heroes within the tribes
Sinai Covenant Exodus 19:5-6
Biblia books
Vulgate latin translation of scriptures
Baal Canaanite God
Adonai replaces divine name of Yahweh
Torah law
Tanak Hebrew Bible
Canon measuring rod
Myth stories of action of divine beings
Palestine land of the Philistines
Levi priestly tribe
Pentateuch greek meaning of torah
Yahweh name of God
El term for God
Jewish has how many books 24
Jericho oldest known walled town
Turkey to the north
Iran to the east
Egypt (location) to the south
Italy to the west
Tradition Criticism study that is concerned with the preliterary stage or oral traditions
Judah southern kingdom
Egypt gift of the nile
Negev dry land
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