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Test 1-10


Phlebotomy skills would not include handling patient correspondence
The monitoring system for institutions that train phlebotomists is known as accreditation
Once phlebotomists are certified contining education program allow them to earn CEU's
Informed consent means Patients must be informed of intended treatments and their risks before the are performed.
Which is not a required peronal characteristic of a professional phlebotomist sense of humor
When a patient refuses to have blood drawn, the phlebotomist should ensure that the patient's doctor is notified promptly
The laboratory is under the direction of a pathologist
The coaagulation department test samples for prothrombin time
A CBC is performed in the hematology department
APTT testing monitors Heparin therapy
The chemistry department section associated with drug analysis is known as toxicology
The _______ department identifies pathogentic mircoorganisms in patient samples mircobiology
Occult blood testing is performed on feces
When patients donate their blood for use during their own surgery, this is known as autogous donation
Independent labs that analyze samples from other health care facilities are known as reference labs
OSHA stands for occupational safety and health administration
The first action to take in the event of fire is Remove patients from danger
In the event of electrical shock, the first thing one should do is break contact between the source and the equipment
Class C fires invovle electrical equipment
The first thing to do when giving breathing aid to a victim is determine whether the victim is conscious
Safety equipment in the lab may include ppe, emergency shower, eyewash station
An MSDS provides information on Chemicals
Reaction to latex products may include irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, anaphylaxis
Which of the following would not be considered a pathogen? Vector
Varcella-zoster is the cause of chickenpox
HIV is the causative agent of AIDS
Vectors include insects
The single most important way to stop the spread of infection is hand hygiene
In putting on and remove PPE, the first article that is put on and the last article that is taken off is mask and gown
Which of the following is not an OSHA standard? Employers must have written airborne pathogen exposure control plans in the workplace
The purpose of a protective enviroment for highly immunosuppressed patient is to prevent tranmission of infection to the patient
Hepato- liver
hemi- half
-tomy to cut
Anti- against
-emia blood condition
Pulmon- lung
Thromb- clotting
Derm- skin
Blood is consider to be which type of tissue? connective
Hepatitis involves the liver
Pancretitis can be screened for by performing amylase
Hormones are produced be what body system endocrine
Plasma constitues_____% of total blood volume. 55
Platelets remian in the circulation for: 9-12 days
Which cellular component is responsible for the transport of hemoglobin? RBCs
A group of inherited disorders marked by increased bleeding times is known as hemophilias
The most common antiseptic used in routine venipunture is isopropyl alcohol
How many times may a needle be used before discarding it 1
which of the following is the largest gaunge 16 gauge
Complete blood clotting takes ____ minutes 30 to 60
Tubes with green stoppers may contain sodium heparin
The smaller the gauge number, the larger the lumen diameter
Blood collection tubes containing an anticoagulant should be inverted gently and repeatedly after blood collection
Blood collected in lavender stoppered tubes is used for which test? CBC
Blood collected in light blue stoppered tubes is used for which test? coagulation
Which vein is often the only one that can be palpated in an obese patient cephalic
upon entering a patient's room, you should first introduce yourself
which vein lies close to the brachial artery? basilic
At which angle should a venipucture needle penetrate the skin? 15 to 30 degree
Which information must match on the patient's id band and requistion? DOB, ID number, Patient name
when should the tourniquet be removed from the arm in a venipuncture procedure? Before the needle is withdrawn
Tourniquets should be placed _____ inches above the venipuncture site. 3 to 4
The following can occur if the tourniquet is left on the patient too long? Peteche
Hematomas can be caused by: Removing the tourniquet after removing the needle.
Which vein is the first choice for venipuncture? Median
During the venipuncture procedure, the tourniquet should stay on no longer than: 1 minute
Dermal punctures are performed on capillaries
An infant hell-warming device should be applied for approximately 3 to 5 minutes
The depth of a heel puncture should not be more than 2.0 mm
Which finger is most widely used for caillary collection? ring
In performing a dermal puncture, the puncture should be: perpendicular to the whorls of the fingerprint
The location for heel sticks is the medial or lateral borders of the plantar surface
Which test cannot be collected by dermal puncture? Blood cultures
The primary duty of a phlebotomist is to: Collect blood
Promoting good public relations is part of the phlebotomist role becacause Rep the lab, promotes harmony, help overall experience.
Which is not reason for the phlebotomist to participate in CEUs or program? Follow centers for disease controls(CDC mandiates)
The term phlebotomist is dervied from greek words tranlated to draw blood
Which of the following is not a phlebotomist duty Start IV
Proof of participation in workshops to upgrade skills requires by some agency in order to renew certification is called CEUs
Which of the following is done first when ending a phlebotomy procedure? remove the tourniquet
A Phlebotomist must inspect the needle for burrs, expiration date, bevel facing up
Which of the following is true when using a tourniquet during a phlebotomy procedure? never tie a tourniquet on open sores, tying a tourniquet too tightly can cause petechiae, leaving a tourniquet on too long can cause hemonoconcentration.
the proper way to dipose of a needle is to put it into a sharps container, without recapping, immediately after withdrawing it from a patient.
What type of barrier protection must a phlebotomists always use when performing a venipuncture gloves
the most important step when performing a phlebotomy procedure is to properly id the patient
A collapsed vein can be caused by too much vacuum on a vein
Which of the following causes hemolysis? using a small needle with a large vacuum tube
which of the following complications can develop with long-term phlebotomy? anemia
In what order are blood tubes drawn blood cultures, blue, red, green, lavender
what are the features of needles point,bevel,shaft,hub
Give three types of blood specimens Whole blood, serum, plasma
CBC Complete blood count
FBS fasting blood sugar
SST Serum seperator tube
OSHA Occupational safety and health administration
What are the four valves of the heart Pulmonic valve, tricuspid valve, aortic valve, mitral valve
on what order should you remove the PPE equipmen? Glove, Face shield, gown
What are the three primary elements of the chain of infection? source, means of tranmission, susceptible host
what is the principal purpose of a phlebotomist> draw blood
List the major departments of the clinical labortory Chemistry, urinalysis, mircobiology/serology, pathology, coagulation, hematology, blood bank.
What are the six steps in handwashing technique? wet hands, apply soap, scrub vigorously, rinse hands, dry hands, turn off faucet with a paper towel.
In one word what is is that we need the most to work in the medical field? Compassion
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