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Chapter 24

Surgical Asepsis & assisting minor surgery

Absence of sensation ANESTHESIA
Bringing wound edges together closely and evenly APPROXIMATION
Nonsterile material applied over the top of dressings to secure them BANDAGE
Technique that destroys tissue by subjecting it to very cold temperatures: also called cryotherapy CRYOCURGERY
Use of high-frequency electric current to cut, remove, or destroy tissue: also called electrocautery ELECTROSURGERY
Use of a specialized scope to visually examine a structure ENDOSCOPY
Treatment of tissue by means of colored light beams LASER SURGERY
Any procedure completed with the use of a special operating microscope MICROSURGERY
Method that involves performing invasive procedures in a manner that protects patients from pathogens STERILE TECHNIQUE
Technique for placing sterle items on the sterile field without contaminating either one STERILE TOSS
Destruction of all pathogenic organisms before they enter the body SURGICAL ASEPSIS
Material used to sew wound edges together or the act of sewing wound edges together SUTURE
To fuse a suture to a needle SWAGE
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