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Mr.Mauthe's great thinker's 2nd test on why God exists, heaven, hell & purgatory

who invented the Randsom Theory Iranaeus
who wrote the Recapulation Atonement Theory Irenaeus
who wrote the Moustrape Atonement Theory Rufinus
Who wrote the Satisfaction Theory Aquinas & Anselm
who wrote the Penal Substitution Theory James Packer
who wrote the Love of Christ Theory Pete Abelard
definition of atonment the process of making up or paying for our faults/sins
what are two criticisms of the Random theory What does Satan get from this? What is the importance of Jesus' life?
name two criticisms of the Recapulation Theory What's the purpose of death & resurrection? Are things different with humanity after Jesus?
name two criticisms of the Mousetrap Theory Is God the divine trickster? Is the Resurection necessary?
name two criticisms of the Satisfaction Theory What role does Jesus' life play? Is God just playing himself?
name two criticisms of the Penal Substitition Theory Is it just for Jesus to replace us in punishment? If Jesus already paid for our sin is it an invitation to sin?
name a criticism of the Love of Christ Theory exemplarist
what is exemplarist -says Jesus was just a great role model -what is the role of Jesus' death & resurection? -shouldn't the world be different after Jesus?
which atonement theory uses the sun and cloud analogy Love of Christ
how does Gillardetz respond to Dawkins? by saying what the Church needs to do better of
how does Haught respond to Dawkins? by questioning every aspect of scientism and slowly finding the unanswerable questions (questions that require some level of faith to answer such as faith that the scientific method works)
which argument for God's existance isn't really an argument for His EXISTANCE but a you have nothing to lose statement Pascal's Wager
what argument for God's existance says that the world is a world of change ant there must be something acting beyond the actions to empower the change Argument from Change
what argument for God's existance refers to a domino effect? Argument from Efficient Causality
what argument for God's existance says that nothing had to exist so there must have been something existing outside of everything that had to exist Argument from Time and Contingency
what argument for God's existance says that everywhere in the world people agree on certain things & we all have one great thing to measure against Argument from Degrees of Perfection
what argument for God's existance says that the chance that everything is created in a perfect organized way is impossible Argument by Design
what argument for God's existance states that the universe had to have a cause for coming into being and it couldn't have been an infinate task because you can never reach infinity Kalam Argument
what argument for God's existance relies on the fact that many well-attested miracles have happened Argument from Miracles
what argument for God's existance says God is a being so great that no greater being can be thought of (exists in mind & reality) Ontological Argument
what argument for God's existance says that every desire has a satisfaction except the desire for a higher power Argument from Desire
what argument for God's existance states that everyone feels an obligation to follow their consious so it must come from a higher being Argument from Conscience
what argument for God's existance states that somethings in the world are so beautiful that they could have only be created by God Argument from Aesthetic Experience
what argument for God's existance relies on honest and trustworthy people in great numbers having religious experiences (not miracles) such as visions Argument from Religious Experience
what argument for God's existance shows that people in every age, throught history, have believed in God so either everyone's wrong or they're on to something Argument from Common Consent
which argument for God's existance says why not wager in favor of God Pascal's Wager
"Christus Victor" (Christ the Victor);humanity is held captive by Satan, Satan demands a randsom in exchange so Jesus dies & goes to hell for 3 days (that's the random); Jesus' saving power is His divinity Randsom Theory
Jesus is the "new Adam"; for every act of Adam's disobedience Jesus replaces it with obedience; Adam sins at the tree but Christ recapituates on the tree; Jesus recupitates all of humanity's wrongs (goes over ayah) Recapulation Theory
Satan holds humanity hostage so God sets a trap for Satan; Jesus' humanity becomes the bait-Satan takes Jesus to hell; Jesus' divinity becomes the hook-Satan wrongly brings God to hell; now Satan owes God a debt b/c Satan overstepped his boundaries Mousetrap Theory
making up 4a wrong/paying 4a debt;debt is owed to God b/c of human sin;humans have the obligation to make satisfaction but not the ability; God has the ability; God has the ability to make satisfaction but He doesn't have the obligation Satisfaction Theory
Jesus has the obligation to save us (being human)&the ability (being God); Jesus pays the debt to God Satisfaction Theory
Jesus takes the place of each human&suffers the penalties 4 sin in place of humanity;a very simple understanding of atonement;we sin=we are punished=we die=we can't go 2 heaven due 2 all our punishments Penal Substitution
Jesus literally becomes our savior because God looks past our punishments; emphasises Jesus' death Penal Substitution
humans can go to heaven but they don't feel God's love enough to choose it; God sends Jesus to turn up the heat of God's love; Jesus sets the example by loving & it literally God's love in the world Love of Christ
Beatific Vision seeing God face to face at particular judgment (the moment of death when life is "judged")
in heaven we keep our individual identities Catholic view of heaven
general judgment at the end of time, when all God's creation is restored to God
particular judgment at the moment of death when your life is "judged"
the final purification, before heaven, that removes all sin Catholic view of Purgatory
Biblical Roots: Maccabees: prayers for the dead; tells us that God told us to pray for the dead; protestants easily dismiss this because they don't have Maccabees in their Bible; if God told us to pray for the dead there must be a state before heaven Catholic view of Purgatory
Biblical Roots: Matthew: unforgiveable sin; "whoever utters blasphamy against the Holy Spirit won't be pardoned in this age or the age to come" Catholic view of Purgatory
suffering in purgatory is associated with distance from God Catholic view of Purgatory
________ is contriversal because the debate is whether or not it's a state of being Purgatory
John 3:18 Catholic view of hell
"the church affirms the existance of hell & its eternity. THe chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God" CCC Catholic view of hell
a state (not an actual place but a way of being) of difinitive self-exclusion from God & all that God is (love, joy, comfort, etc) Catholic view of hell
God doesn't send anyone to hell but you send yourself; the church knows of no person who is in hell (they don't know who chose God and who didn't) Catholic view of hell
hell exists & must exist in order to have the free choice to choose God or not choose God Catholic view of hell
three types of evil moral (sin), physical (suffering), and natural (natural disaster)
Aquinas' argument (the problem of evil) this is (not the Catholic way) how others are thinking:if 1 of 2 opposites is infinate, the other is completely impossible; God is infinite goodness; if God existed, then there could not be evil in the world but there is evil therefore, God does not exist
C.S. Lewis' argument (the problem of evil) (here's how i see the ?not Catholic view):if God is all-good, God want's His creatures happy, if God is all-powerful, He can do whatever He wants, but the creatures aren't happy, therefore, God must lack the goodness, power, or both
logical propositions (problem of evil) only 3 of these 4 statements can be true: God exists, God is all-good, God is all-powerful, Evil exists
why is the problem of evil important it's the only proof for atheism that God can't exist if al all good God made evil; it's not just theoretical, but has practical consequences on everyday life, & it's universal to all peoples at all times
how can we state the problem of evil? any evil disproves the idea of an all-good God; the amount of evil disproves the idea of an all-good God; the unjust distribution of evil among good people as well as bad disproves God (innocent people die)
problem of evil: atheism deny that God exists
problem of evil: pantheism deny that God is defined as all goodness, make God something else; God is a force but isn't conscious
problem of evil: naturalism deny that God is all powerful, make God a being in space and time, imperfection & growth
problem of evil: idealism deny the existence of evil, maybe it's just a perspective or an illusion of human consciousness (Hinduism, Christian Science) (associated with scienctology)
problem of evil: Biblical Theism deny that the 4 logical propositions are contradictory by re-considering the definitions of the 4 (a Christian response)
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