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HIPPA Study guide

multi choice q&A

while HIPPA will not ban calling a patient's name in a waiting room, to increase privacy your facility may wish to consider using a number system
facilites will no longer be able to post---in any place where visitors might see them. patient's name
there must now be a system in place, or record the name of every person who views a patient's record true
in a hospital, the obligation to maintain confidentiality applies to all medical & personal information
HIPPA mandates the creation of a unique identifier code for every patient false
if you are sending patient information via e-mail, security is best maintained with all the above
any one caught selling private health care information can be fined up to --& sentenced up to --- in prison $250.00 10 years
one exception to confidentiality is a shot gun wound
HIPPA overrides all state laws that define and regulate patient privacy false
the issue of "portability" deals with protecting health coverage for employees who change jobs(and allowing them to carry existing plan with them) true
in general, information about a patient can be shared when medically nessacery
the privacy & data secure) go into effect APRI 2003
the set of rules that provide administrative simplification by standardizing the codes and formats used for exchange of medical data is refereed to as electronic transaction standard
the proliferation of computers in medicine has created new dangers for breach of confidentiality
data security issues that must be addressed by HIPPA implementation teams may include all the above
the general privacy rule now is that patients must be notified of the institution's privacy policies and health care workers must always obtain a written acknowledgement of this false
the single most important key to administrative simplification is standardizing thorough the health ace system a set of transaction standards and code true
you can reveal information need for medical research if patient authorizes it
HIPPA defiened code sets that serves as the standards for all electronic data interchange include all but--- IDANSI
one good rule to prevent unauthorized acess to computer data is to --- black out the screen, or turn off the computer when you leave it
Created by: kiwininja